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Reviews Comments: So why does everyone hate this game? Shadow The Hedgehog game review by Akuma Ouja

Shadow The Hedgehog is my favorite Sonic game, period.

Now put down the pitchforks and let me tell you why.

First off, I actually didn't care too much about the story so I'm not factoring that in. Now I've heard all the complaints "he swears" "he uses guns" "Camera is stupid" "They just wanted a dark and edgy sonic game" and all I can say Ok yeah he swears and uses guns and yes, it's an attempt to cash in on darker and edgier. never had a camera problem at all so no comments there. But now that you all are done bitching about that. time to, you know, actually play the game?

Let's see what we have, less hand-holding than any of the sonic games that came after, less stupidly linear levels, no shitty controls... multiplayer[ story mode's multiplayer is more of an Easter egg, yeah]but while it didn't have variety, it worked and was good for just screwing around or a few frantically fun matches.

You ever play Sonic and the Secret Rings? It sucks. Werehog is better, but that's a bit like saying eating dirt is better than eating shit.

People complain of them being poor quality, cheap and easy. While Shadow has it's moments[looking at you, Ark levels and the fact that you're a goddamn jungle-gym and a maze.] Guess what else it has?

Very little of the flaws of it's successors.

Yes it isn't the perfect game fans wanted, yes it has a cheap cash in as a selling point, but damn if it isn't a fun game.


  • MFM
  • 21st Nov 13
First off, I actually didn't care too much about the story so I'm not factoring that in. What's even the point of a review that doesn't factor in the whole of a game. You can't just ignore that one aspect of it and pretend it and the rest of the game exist in two vacuums entirely independent of one another, especially considering how much the game actually tries to make you care about the story.

time to, you know, actually play the game? So the awful camera problems and clunky gun controls aren't part of the gameplay?

less hand-holding than any of the sonic games that came after I'm led to believe you didn't play many of the Sonic games that came after.

less stupidly linear levels, Without elaboration on this claim, it gives the impression that you think linearity is inherently bad.

no shitty controls Refer to the gunplay.

You ever play Sonic and the Secret Rings? It sucks. Werehog is better, This corroborates my claim that you haven't played recent Sonic games, since both of these are generally disdained alongside Shadow.

but that's a bit like saying eating dirt is better than eating shit. (The funny part is that sentiment also applies to Shadow in regards to games like 06 and Secret Rings.)
  • ElectricNova
  • 22nd Nov 13
Lol if this is your favourite Sonic game.

Ever heard of 3&K?
  • Tightwire
  • 30th May 14
It gets on my nerves when people say they want fast games and then hate this. A lot of the levels have huge loops, grinding, homing attacks and speed, even if you take some of the searching parts into account. You don't have to use the guns; are you whining because most of your enemies won't die in one hit otherwise?

And the camera can be a bit nudgey sometimes but that's what you've got camera revolution controls on your joypad for.

The most annoying part of this game for me has to be the number of times you have to see Westopolis. And Lost Impact. Playing Lost Impact is like pulling out your own teeth.
  • DeviousRecital
  • 30th May 14
Really? I honestly can't recall a single instance of this game giving the traditional Sonic experience. Even going for the neutral option in most stages forced you to navigate terrain clearly not designed for fast paced platforming, and the few stretches where they do allow you to go fast have absolutely nothing in them. As broken as Sonic 06 is, at least it had levels that made you do something while you were holding forward down. The controls weren't designed for speed either. Shadow goes from 0 to Mach 20 in an instant, and his shoes are as slippery as a skating rink covered in grease. Every time you need to jump, you have to slow to a crawl to have any sort of precision.

Personally, I don't really give a shit about the presence of the weapons and I'll give the game the fact that the auto aim works well. But I do think it's pretty shitty that they damn near require you to use the weapons. Enemies are sometimes capable of blocking your homing attack, and some of the bigger ones take like 10-20 hits to go down if you go that route, not to mention the enemies that are out of reach in some levels.

But the biggest problem with this game is that it's tedious. Hunting down every item or enemy or mine or whatever is not a mechanic that meshes with speed and platforming, especially not when almost every time you have to do it, the exact amount you need is in the level instead of there being more than you need. Even then, it wouldn't be that much of a problem, except that the levels are too damn big and there's no way to tell where anything you might have missed is. Having most of the levels reskinned into other levels certainly didn't help, though this game is better about that than SA 2. And then, of course, you have to go through almost every level at least twice to unlock the last level, which admittedly is actually decently designed, not that that's saying much. But even that's dumb, because the entire last story relegates all but one or two of the endings into what-if scenarios, rendering about 80% of the game entirely pointless. Not that the story was any good to begin with.

  • porschelemans
  • 31st May 14
It's better than '06, but as has already been said, eating dirt is better than eating shit.

Otherwise, I struggle to think of a single redeeming feature of this game. I guess the opening cut scene had some nice CG for 2004...


You want a Snaic from this era? Play Heroes. Otherwise, Colours, Generations, or even Unleashed of all things (the day stages were actually really quite enjoyable, even if they were imperfect) will do you far better.
  • terlwyth
  • 31st May 14
Oh no Heroes was far worse than Shadow was. I for one also liked this one well enough,I didn't see anything horribly wrong with the controls, the level designs were certainly an improvement over the BS from Heroes or half of Adventure 02

Actually that's all Shadow really is, Sonic Adventure 2 without the stupid Knuckles stages, Darker and Edgier, all Shadow, branching paths and guns. It plays practically the same as the Sonic and Shadow stages of that game, the camera works the exact same way

But when was the last time you heard someone complain about those parts of Sonic Adventure 2? Practically never.

This review however did unfortunately shoot the message hard.

  • DeviousRecital
  • 31st May 14
I actually do have some issues with Adventure 2's Sonic and Shadow stages (to say nothing of the other stages), but seeing as your comment is almost certainly in jest, I assume you have a fair idea of the problems yourself.

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