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Reviews Comments: Bad. The Hunger Games film/book review by thesegougou

I gotta be honest, I did went to the theater with the negative mindset and how "This is just a lame rip-off of Battle Royale and stuff", however when I watched it again, I could tell that it's just a plain bad movie, but I'll see in more points:

  • Story: While the premise is straight-forward, the more you look at it, the more it is headscratching: Aside from forcing children to do the hunger games, why does it 75 years for somebody to do react about it? When did Lady Gaga ruled the USA? What's with this hope snow talks about? did he play GOW III?
  • Characters: Mary-sue, boring guy, tagalong girl, bad guys, and F*CKING HAYMITCH! (and keep in mind he's not a great character either, but he's the only decent character in this movie) I'm dissapointed they couldn't show the other characters, they could be good enough.
  • Pacing : I thought that the three acts were the perfect lengh, but god the fight scenes are boring, and the camera work is horrible.
  • SFX: Meh, I gotta admit it's good.

And also, when you kill-off a character, give us a reason why we should care about him/her, and not another guy.

Now, there is some positive: While I don't think Haymitch is a great character, I did like him and I think he has a lot of charisma; and Panem is pretty well builded. That being said, the movie was bad, but at least it wasn't "Spring Breakers", and I won't watch the sequels or the book. 3/10


  • ElectricNova
  • 19th Nov 13
All I rememeber from this film (never read the book) was the random lizards/monsters/whatever they were at the climax. That was cheesy and me and my friend burst into laughter. We got a lot of looks.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 9th Apr 14
^ You're probably talking about Mockingjay, the last book in the trilogy.

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