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Reviews Comments: Marathon Trilogy by Bungie Marathon whole series review by Kampfer Xeon

The Marathon trilogy is overall pretty fun, and more fast paced than modern games. The graphics are better most games from the time, but they could have done a better job. And the sound effects are mostly commonly used sound effects-nothing special there. These sound effects are so commonly used that they're in stuff from Final Fantasy XII to Metal Gear Solid 4 to Super Mario Galaxy to Bill Nye the Science Guy. The music in the first game is very impressive. As stated earlier, it plays fast. There are five difficulties you can select, which was a new for FPS's back then. There is a wide variety of guns. Unlike in DOOM, each gun can be used for different circumstances, rather than just having one or two guns to kill anything. In the first game, your allies consist of a bunch of retards who were told to arm themselves but decided not to- they'd rather stand in your way, and defense drones. You will more than not have to kill some to pass. Multiplayer is supported, very interesting plot.

You're fighting aliens, but in Infinity, you fight humans too. Despite these humans being described as civilians, they're more dangerous than the aliens who were about to enslave humanity! How the hell does that work?! The plot is especially intriguing in the first and third games. In the first game, there are so many things that nobody can understand that they've made a website of these things: Infinity (3rd), is a huge Mind Screw. You'll have no idea what the hell is going on except that you're stopping aliens from causing destruction that will kill both them and the humans. You're a cyborg wearing MJOLNIR Mark IV armor. Sound familiar? (Halo!)

Anyway, here's the meat of the gameplay- Marathon: You're mainly in cramped and claustrophobic corridors with aliens and elevators working together to stop you from saving Earth. Marathon 2: Durandal: You're mainly outside or swimming. I highly recommend co-op on this game. Marathon Infinity: Sort of a combination of the two. Co-op is possible and in some cases, necessary. This game has different ways to beat it, but one ending.

The 1st game has 26 levels, the 2nd game has 28, the 3rd one has 25 with 3 Vidmaster levels and 5 hidden levels. More info+Download: and


  • Diamondex
  • 30th Oct 10
Nerd Rant, watch out; First off, this was made before Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XII. It's an old game. Same goes for Halo; the Master Chief's armor was named after the Cyborg's, and he's not wearing any armor.. He is the armor. Also any other references were references back to Marathon RRRGH.
  • EricDVH
  • 6th Dec 10
Erů Actually the security officer is wearing armor, his personal battle armor from the Mirata. Regarding any possible augmentation, both the Spartan IVs and Battleroids lack inherent armor (I.E.: Bulletproof hide,) though their bones, muscles, and nerves have been replaced or augmented.


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