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Reviews Comments: One of the Worst of the Caustic Critics Confused Matthew whole series review by jman 1103

Now when it comes to caustic critics, I always try to go in with an open mind, even if I like said movie being reviewed I listen to the points in the review and try to consider them. However for Confused Matthew, I just never can take his arguments seriously. Now don't get me wrong, he can be insightful and he is good at finding plot holes, it's just a lot of times for me he really just comes off as irrational. Let me make something clear, no one likes a ranter and despite many caustic critics often coming off as that a lot of times, I can often stand the likes of The Nostalgia Critic, The Spoony One, and even Mobrostudios in his Spongebob countdowns because they're funny and often make good points. Confused Matthew is not funny and rarely makes any good points, at least in my opinion. Now Matthew knows what he wants in a film, and can point out flaws at times, but to be honest if you ask me, he's too damn close minded when it comes to movies. If he thinks a movie is bad, apparently that means it's bad, and we're all idiots and/or wrong for liking said movie.

His reviews of The Lion King and The Nightmare Before Christmas are the ones that really bother me the most. And it's not because he hates them (everyone has an opinion) but his points really didn't come off as valid to me. He hated Simba and called him and asshole for lying once and unintentionally putting his friend in danger. What?! He's a kid, kids are gonna lie at least once in their life. But it's not only that he speaks as if his opinion is fact and if we think other whys, then we're wrong.

On top of that, he refuses to accept otherwise, he doesn't consider other people's arguments (as seen in his response 2 responses videos) and is determined to stick to the belief that he's right, and the movie is bad, and that we should all stop liking it. Now as I said I would probably be able to sit through his videos if he was at least entertaining, and well..he isn't. His reviews are just boring to me, if he ever tells a joke often it's a bad joke, and really I just can't sit through his reviews all through.

So yeah, for me, he's one of the worst of the caustic critics. He isn't funny, he thinks too highly of his opinion, and his reviews just come off as ranting on something because it's popular. So yeah he really isn't my cup of tea.


  • JamesPicard
  • 17th Nov 13
I'm sad to say I have to agree. I think the guy really has potential, but he just buries it under his close-mindedness.
  • marcellx
  • 18th Nov 13
I gotta admit I have a lot of issues with the way he reviews (even movies I didn't like, care for, or even seen) but from what I've heard he has humbled down as of late admitting the faults of some of his past videos.
  • strejda
  • 23rd Nov 13
"If he thinks a movie is bad, apparently that means it's bad, and we're all idiots and/or wrong for liking said movie."

What? He has repeatedly said that he has no problem with people liking a movie he dislikes. "Atleast someone had fun watching this." He even said he considers fanbase of 2001: Space Odyssey to be some of the smartest movie fans he knows.

"There are plenty of people who want me to shut the fuck up. They don't want me to shut the fuck up because I'm delivering some truth that they can't handle. They want me to shut the fuck up because they think what I'm saying is fucking stupid."
  • jman1103
  • 16th Dec 13
Ya know, I'd be more inclined to believe this, if he didin't still talk as if his opinion is fact and constantly bash certain movies in other reviews (like when he bashed The Lion King in his Incredibles review). And it also has occured to me that to this day, he refuses to accept the very IDEA that these movies that he's reviewing are good.
  • OnlyHereToComment
  • 14th Sep 15
@strejda "They don't want me to shut the fuck up because I'm delivering some truth that they can't handle." Read that line again "truth they can handle." Now again "Truth." Boom, right there. He finds his beliefs as "Truth" not an opinion, "TRUTH". Like a religious zealot who sees his words as the words of God and should not be questioned because they are "truth". Yup.

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