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Reviews Comments: Pretty much the definitive Pokemon game as of now Pokemon X And Y game review by Electric Nova

Pokemon games have always been fun. Although they have a specific formula, enough gets added between generations to keep players invested. As it is, the games do tend to get better with each release. But there's more to Pokemon X and Y than just being the newest game in the series. I'm pretty sure that even when the next few gens have come and gone, X and Y/Gen VI will be remebered particularly well; it feels like a huge advancement in terms of content, presentation, and ease of use.

For starters, the Pokemon balance.

This gen has a near perfect selection of Pokemon, with a balance between the new and the old to an extent that the series has never seen. Although there are a comparatively small amount of new Pokemon, this pays off because the majority are great, and the game has a great selection of Pokemon from Generations 1-V. It feels like any Pokemon could show up anywhere. The new Pokemon feel slightly "hidden" and special, while everyone will find past mons that appeal to them. It feels almost like a Pokemon greatest hits.

The presentation is sublime. Pokemon has finally taken it's Video Game 3D Leap, and it feels very substantial. The world feels cohesive, large, and there is plenty to do. There is a lack of 3D usage, but this is not really a problem. Battles look great, although there is occasional slowdown. The whole game just feels abundantly NEW, and exciting due to the presentation. (The music is obviously really nice too) Other new features like Pokemon amie and Mega evoloution feel fresh and help the game to be far more than just another "upgrade" to the series. Mega evoloution in particular makes many old fan favourites more viable online. It's a feature no one really expected.

The story is the standard Pokemon fare; not deep or complex, but appealing, simple, and warm. Not bad, as people will say; I felt emotion to a reasonable extent. Black and White had a better story, moving away from convention, but this is because Gen V was more experimental, lasting only 2 years and being on the same system as Gen IV.

The new Super training system finally makes EV's/min maxing/competiive play actually accesible to the average player and mentioned in game. This is a big thing, and it should level the playing field for the non obsessed among us.

Pokemon has a bright future ahead of it if this game is to be believed.


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