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Reviews Comments: Cliched Awesome can still be a breath of fresh air RWBY whole series review by kyuubidriven

First and foremost, I have to say that I came by the series rather late in it's inception so I did not have much anticipation or expectations. In fact, my introduction to the series was through a funny tumblr gif set of Weiss. Second, I am totally unfamiliar with Rv B.

Yes, this is not an entirely original premise. There is lack of length and pacing of each episode is slow, but this cannot be mistaken for shallowness, but simply laying out the ground work. Naruto did not become this deeply invested character within the first episode(quite the opposite actually) and the tone for series takes multiple full length episodes to flesh out. At the time of the writing, this season is 15 episodes in and now plot is starting to appear and characters are starting to develop. This is not a detraction of the series because due to the varying lengths of episodes, 15 episodes in this series is really like 4-5 in standard 30 minute shows.

The characters are phenomenal in what the set out to do in which we have four women of different temperaments being undeniably badass in their own ways, and it is shown in their movement. The fighting animation(the real draw of the series) for each character reflects their personalities perfectly. Not just that, but the characters, themselves do not have this anti-girly attitude, and in fact uses certain stereotypes of femininity to only present them in a positive light. No, they do not talk about boys and go shopping, but Yang will hang a poster of a boy band in her room and Blake does read romantic novels. In spite of character quirks, they are presented as badasses along with being teenaged girls and it is awesome. It even turns the traditional hero's story on it's head with Jaune. The action sequences aren't extremely prevalent as some would like them to be, but as a reader of Bendis comics, what makes action sequences great is not just the scenes themselves, but the exigency of why there is fighting.

The overall production is schizophrenic. While there are animation bugs here and there, they aren't really noticeable until the third or fourth watch. The voice acting is solid and won't distract you. If you are expecting a commentary of some existential crisis, then you are looking at the wrong show. This is Sailor Moon mixed with Soul Eater and high adrenaline action scenes. And that is awesome.


  • MFM
  • 4th Nov 13
I think your enter key is feeling neglected.
  • darkcheetah
  • 4th Nov 13
^^ LOL, nevertheless I thought it was pretty spot on.
  • kyuubidriven
  • 4th Nov 13
Enter key on my phone was not working. I edited it on my laptop.
  • Fearmonger
  • 20th Nov 13
This is like People Sit on Chairs for me. There are so many reviews on here condemning the show for the animation bugs, the imperfect voice acting, or what have you. I don't know how so many people can let such minor, barely noticeable flaws keep them from even perceiving a work for what it is. And what RWBY is, is a fun show with likable characters, steady character development, an interesting setting, and awesome action scenes.
  • Gborr
  • 8th Jan 14
^ Idunno, but I really wouldn't call the amateurish voicework and the animation issues "minor, barely noticeable flaws" when we humans generally enjoy our media by -hearing- and -seeing- it, if you know what I mean...

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