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Reviews Comments: Pubertina -a diamond in the rough Shut Up Cartoons episode/issue review by iliketurtles

(I'm not sure what category to put this in.) This cartoon is adorable and funny, and deserves to be on television (or at least not so hard for little kids to find). It's different from the other Smosh cartoons that (usually) rely on swearing, modern references, and/or gross humor to be funny. It's also aimed at tweens, not teenagers (though there are many teen fans.) There's a sad bias that boys are allowed to talk about their puberty experiences with everyone nodding their heads in agreement, but when a woman mentions her period it's suddenly a huge taboo thing to talk about. Pubertina is great for educating kids about puberty and being a funny slice of life comedy in general.

Pubertina is a boy-crazy pizza-faced eleven year old who learns to cope with her growing body. Her friend Debs, a nine year old, helps to guide her through her "entrance into womanhood," but has to overcome her own problems (she grows one nubbie but the other one isn't there yet.) The other characters include X Tina (Pube's sister), Karen (mean popular girl), and Andrew (who Pubertina likes, but he doesn't share the feelings). The show deals with girl puberty (obviously), some boy puberty, homosexuality (some of the kids are gay), and having spirit despite being an outcast. It has songs too, which can range from annoying to adorable, but most of them are short so it's not hard to sit through.

The animation isn't as fluent as your usual cartoon (probably low budget) but even though it's done on a computer it has a hand-drawn style (very refreshing from the modern flash animated cartoons) still fun to look at with some not-that-noticeable animation mistakes (background character holding something and it suddenly disappears.) There are some gross visuals, like Pubertina picking her nose for a brief moment in one scene and tampons appearing in the random musical numbers (and bleeding through her jeans, the most re-occuring theme.) All humor is subjective, so some people may find the jokes to be "boring" but fans find it relatable and funny. Like how people find Adventure Time annoying or funny.

I would recommend this for tween girls/boys or anyone that loves cartoons. I suggest watching the first episode and, if you don't like it, try the latest episode. The show has grown a bit since it started and the animation/timing/voice acting has noticeably improved.


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