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Is terrible. Not only is it terrible, if not for the good grammar, it would become downright unbearable. The bashing is uber high and the marty sue harry super annoying. If only people knew decent writing, instead of favouring this excuse for a story.


"Invincible Technomage" alone raises alarm flags in my head.
comment #21240 kay4today 24th Sep 13
"Bashing" in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when you have an over the top racist society with a bad case of Medievel Stasis like the Wizarding World.
comment #21418 DrWillHatch49 7th Oct 13
The Wizarding World never does anything racist. In fact, there aren't any signs of racial prejudice, unlike the real world. Do you mean speciesist? If so, yeah, they definitely do that a lot.
comment #21420 doctrainAUM 7th Oct 13
Depends on who is bashed. I can excuse making characters like Lucius and Bellatrix even worse than they were in canon, but turning Dumbledore and Ron into manipulative rapist bastards? Simply a case of bad writing.
comment #21426 kay4today 8th Oct 13

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