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Reviews Comments: Awesome Pilot Sleepy Hollow episode/issue review by Aspie

After watching the Pilot, I have very, very high expectations of this show. The idea of the Headless Horseman as a bringer of the Apocalypse is a nice touch. I never really envisioned Ichabod Crane as the Badass that the show depicts him as, but I think it was a good change. I've always been kind of a fan of these retellings of classics as a genre (I eat up Once Upon a Time like it's the main course at a Chinese buffet) and this one definitely did not disappoint me. I only hope that it won't end up going the way of LOST (which ended up with a plot so intricate that I could no longer follow it). Fox, speaking as an interested viewer, please don't disappoint me.


  • DarkLiterati
  • 19th Sep 13
Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes this show! Although I do hope it goes a little bit LOST way, because unlike most, I liked that show precisely because of its serious, barely-comprehensible maze of plots. It's like a baroque church, I can't help but get LOST in the beautiful intricacy.

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