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Reviews Comments: Overrated Code Geass Nightmare Of Nunnally whole series review by silver 2195

Nightmare Of Nunnally gets rid of many of the elements of canon Code Geass I like most, while retaining those I like least. In this AU, geass powers are physical rather than mental, and the Chessmaster characters receive less focus, so the primary focus of the story is therefore superhero/mecha action (although a Thirty Xanatos Pileup emerges in the last few chapters). Interesting characters like Jeremiah, Schneizel, Li Xingke, and Rakshada are Demoted To Extra, and most of the fights consist of Lelouch, Nunnally, Suzaku, and Alice curbstomping everybody else. R2's nonsensical metaphysics are more plot-central and less well-explained here. There's much less moral ambiguity here; Suzaku didn't kill his father and he deserved it anyway, and even Schneizel is clearly a good guy here. Oh yeah, and there's lots of awkward fanservice involving Nunnally.

The series has its good points, but most of them are found only the last few chapters. This isn't worth reading.


  • ChaoticNovelist
  • 22nd Feb 12
I think that's too negative an opinion. True the Chessmaster duels are more interesting than the mecha action and a lot of characters lose spot light but given the premise the first should be expected and the latter a given. Nunnaly is not her brother and so will not operate like him; if she did than the story would seem like a copy of the original. Second, Knightmare is five volumes instead of two seasons and so there is less spot light to share.

The original didn't explain Geass at all. 'People with a forehead marking can give powers for some reason' is everything. This story talks about Eden Vital and how it works and the purpose of Geass.

About the less ambiguity: some things are changed but there's plenty of ambiguity. the climax is all about differing ideas of mortality and what makes a 'kind and gentle world'.

'lots of awkward fanservice'? There was more in the original.
  • silver2195
  • 21st May 12
"Nunnaly is not her brother and so will not operate like him; if she did than the story would seem like a copy of the original."

But Lelouch doesn't operate like Lelouch in this story either! Instead of using his brain, he punches giant robots in the face. And while there was some awkward fanservice in the original, I found it merely silly there; here it's just gross.

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