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Reviews Comments: Equivalent Exchange Fullmetal Alchemist whole series review by Dragonessa

This has to be one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time. The animation is beautiful, the characters are just AWESOME and the whole damn story is just so engrossing.True, the manga is wonderful but it is the Brotherhood anime that sets it apart from everything out there. You can tell that the people who made this series put their hearts and souls into it and all the great details show. The English dub of Brotherhood is also well done with Vic Mignogna heading the anime all star cast. Unlike most people, my favorite character happens to be the most twisted: Envy. Yes, I adore the twisted palm-tree not just because of its villainous nature but because it is truly scary...especially in his full blown "true form". That thing would give the Cloverfield monster, Godzilla and dare I say it, the Alien Queen a run for their money. And yes, I do love Edward as well. The awesome protagonist lacks height but more than makes up for it with his kick ass fighting skills and sheer awesomesauce when it comes to Alchemy. All in all, this anime is a masterpiece and should be watched by anyone who is an anime fan or who has already seen the first series + the movie Conqueror of Shamballa (which I also recommend).


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