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Reviews Comments: Dreamfall is my obsession. Dreamfall The Longest Journey episode/issue review by Anna The Crow

I understand the complaints - the story is sort of unintelligible and the cliffhanger is terrible, it's a bastard child of adventure and stealth action, it's quite too short, it's quite too easy... But for me, it was Love At First Sight. Characters are awesome - Zoƫ is a lovable main character, in a situation that lots of young people can relate to; April is a Knight In Sour Armor and even if you didn't play TLJ you just have to root for her; Kian is... scary and Badass at the same time. Other people (damn, even the things!) you interact with - Crow, Wonkers, Faith, Na'a'ne and others in the resistance are so... alive. The story gets you in and doesn't leave you until the end and sometimes gets just scary. And then there is the graphic. Say what you wan't about the importance of top-notch graphical gimmics in games - visual part of gaming is important. And Dreamfall is beautiful. It doesn't resemble any other game I know. And even after those four years from it's creation it still looks good, because Zee Rust aside, the design is unique. It's that type of games where Scenery Porn doesn't become ridiculous after the technology becomes obsolete. Overall, it might be just an escapist fantasy. But it works and won't leave you indifferent. Me, it really didn't - it got promoted to that single-digit group of stories I obsess over, and I'm very picky!


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