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Not great
I don't think Transformers Prime is a good show.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, and it's far from the worst Transformers incarnation. However, it's also far from being the best.

Transformers is an inherently silly premise, and so it works best with a lighter tone and a sense of fun. In Prime, everybody is completely serious and grim all the freaking time, and this quickly gets wearisome. It seems like the writers noticed that the most highly-regarded episodes of Animated and Beast Wars were the dark and serious ones, and so tried to make the entire series like that, forgetting that in the earlier series, the serious stories made an impact because they stood out in contrast to the lighter episodes around them. When every episode is grim, there's no impact, because there's nothing brighter to compare it to; even Beast Machines did have some light moments to offset the darker tone. I'm not saying that Prime should have been an outright comedy like Animated often was, nor should it have been as goofy as Generation 1, Victory, and Robots in Disguise could get, but at the very least the writers should have remembered they were writing a cartoon about alien robots that turn into cars.

Speaking of which, the series barely uses transformation. In most episodes, the characters transform into vehicle mode, go through the ground bridge, and then transform right back to robot mode. Only two fights in the series happen with humans present, thus forcing the Transformers to actually use their altmodes for the stealth they adopted them for. (OK, the Autobots were also using them to hide from the Decepticons at the start of series 3). I just think that a greater emphasis on remaining hidden among humans would have resulted in a strong and more interesting show, like what was done somewhat in Robots in Disguise, as well as to a greater extent in Cybertron and I feel is one of the things Michael Bay managed to get right.
I dunno, I think that the darker version can work. I mean, even the G1 comics didn't shy away from the fact that they were fighting a WAR. War is inherently a serious idea, and TF Prime starts during the war so that's probably where it came from.

I personally think that it's not a bad idea to take the series seriously, but I ARE right. Some writers really do need to remember the inherent silliness to the idea.
comment #20811 LitleWiggle 21st Aug 13
Apparently you can't say what the show does right at all. If you think this show has no humour then I guess you forgot that there are near joke characters in this show like Knockout.

The whole needing to use vehicle modes thing is just dependant on the situation. Most the transformers shows have them in robot mode so if you're complaining about it then your over 20 years too late.
comment #20825 shinfernape 24th Aug 13
Honestly, the whole silly thing is subjective. Sure, you might not enjoy seeing a dark Transformers show, but some fans do. I think they did a great job at it. Objectively, the show is coherent, has a very coherent plotline and the characters are developped. It's actually better than Animated on that point.
comment #21158 Theokal3 17th Sep 13
@Theokal3: All reviews are subjective, especially on this site. Reviewers generally don't make any illusions about it all being their own opinions. Also, nothing you said is actually objective.
comment #21159 doctrainAUM 17th Sep 13
I disagree. Well, granted, weither the development is done well or not is subjective, but you cannot deny they obviously put work in the continuity and the episodes forming a plot and an universe as a whole. The show has much less fillers than Animated and much more episodes that actually matters. Weither you like it or not, that's a fact.
comment #21168 Theokal3 18th Sep 13
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