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Reviews Comments: Beggars Can't Be Choosers, So Try Not To Be A Beggar Higurashi When They Cry whole series review by Clevomon

Here's the deal on this one. The anime is... acceptable, especially if you don't know what the series originally was. However, compared to any of the game versions and the manga version, the anime is but a pale replica. It's not incredibly noticeable to someone just wandering into it, although even though I watched the anime without knowing what was coming, I found Tatarigoroshi-hen to be incredibly rushed and felt that the way Keiichi was portrayed didn't follow any kind of thought-pattern whatsoever. This is largely because of cut-out character development in the first two arcs.

  • The psychological drama is beautifully fleshed out and for the most part, realistic given the circumstances. The parts where it isn't are usually pretty forgivable thanks to the Rule Of Drama.
  • Scenes are never violent just to be violent. All gore serves a larger purpose of displaying the depravity that given characters have sunk to.
  • Characters are for the most part genuinely likable with good flaws that aren't ignored when inconvenient.
  • Artwork of the first season, although frustrating in a lot of other places, during the horror scenes, looks genuinely terrifying.

  • The exceptions to the first good. Usually are in the anime adaptation only and due to Adaptation Decay. Best way to avoid is to go for the manga or V Ns first.
  • The endings. If there is one place Your Mileage May Vary, this is it. Most people have one ending that is their favorite, and the other tends to be written off as poorly done, with varying degrees of venom. Only Matsuribayashi has been animated, and so that will probably be the ending most will see. Shame, because I personally think Miotsukushi is the better of the two. ^^
  • Artwork of the first season. Where the artwork isn't terrifying, it is really, really bad.


  • Tohno-san
  • 13th Dec 09
I'd like to comment about your comment about the artwork isn't terrifying. It is, to make a really lame pun (Sorry. xD). To me, it is in that one short segment of High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Remember the part where Keiichi died in a heart attack in hospital? Scariest piece of anime I've ever seen. But then, I've never read (heard? It is a sound novel...) the game, so my Mileage May Vary.
  • JapaneseTeeth
  • 13th Jan 10
At least the way I see it, when the animation is supposed to be scary, it works great (like the scene you're talking about). It's during the "normal" sections that the animation is sub-par. The characters' bodies are terribly un-detailed. However the thing about the animation that annoyed me the most? For almost every character accept Keiichi, their heads are far to large for their bodies. I mean, at some points Rena's head can be as large as her torso.

I agree with you on the characterization and use of violence in the series. It does a great job of avoiding gratuitous Gorn.
  • Clevomon
  • 13th Apr 10
Tohno-san, I actually agree with you. What I was saying was that where it isn't terrifying (in order to carry over my earlier comment about the artwork actually helping add to the terror in some parts), it's really just bad, and that occurs in a lot of the normal scenes, and maybe one or two that were intended to be scary but fell flat.
  • 11th Jun 10
The anime artwork is not as bad as the original game's artowrk.
  • PantheonFefnir
  • 22nd Apr 11
I must agree on most points made here. The artwork is pretty bad in some points in the anime, but can be downright terrifying at other points. The characters definitely show a multitude of flaws that don't go away when inconvenient.

And, yes, I also like Miotsukhi-hen a bit more. They actually WORK for their good end, as compared to their "We have Hanyyu, we auto-win" routine.

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