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Nostalgia in Human Form
So I have seen almost every video Bob has made since his You Tube days up till fairly recently. They've gone through a serious, rapid decline over the years.

The reason is in essence his entire personality being so abrasively anti-change and pro-nostalgia he can't come to grips with the world having passed him by. He hates the 90s because it wasn't his childhood, he hates games today because they don't conform to his rose tinted view of the past, he openly admits he'd rather watch 80s bullshit than newer movies just because he liked it when he was a kid, etc etc.

Bob just CAN NOT divorce himself from his own overinflated sense of nostalgia. More so he attacks others—in what I can only describe as an obnoxiously passive aggressive way—when they choose to do something he disagrees with. His obsession (bordering on the erotic) with Michael Bay and blind hatred of what he conceives as some kind of "hardcore gamer conspiracy" to destroy "real gaming" being perfect examples.

The crazy part is he wasn't even this bad in the past (IRONY!). Back during the early days of his lunatic ravings, Bob managed to actually make valid points or employ some kind of empiricism...people who watch his videos now would be SHOCKED at how almost-but-not-nearly objective he USED to be just a few years ago. He would even admit way back when what now is more obvious than ever: that his fixation and cultish love of Nintendo is built on the nostalgic house of cards he and other Nintendo fanboys created for themselves to excuse how they and their pet corporation had so completely and totally been left in the past.

I would advise against trying to have an intelligent discussion with him now though. He's more than ever retreated into a world of rose encrusted nostalgia goggles, unable to even voice the slightest criticism of anything he personally lines and dismissing anyone and anything else as "douchebags", "trolls" and "Michael Bay". Also I have a sinking feeling that he wrote his own article, since it speaks of him in such glowing terms and his enemies with such venom, I can't imagine how else it came to be.

I used to be, not a fan but a supporter at least, and his earlier comments on videos like Mama Mia and The Revolution were quite intelligent and fun. Not anymore though.

Sad really. He used to at least be funny.


Are you fucking serious? Most of his videos these days on video games are about how the industry needs to change *more* that it is.

Have you actually watched any of the episodes, or are you only repeating the things that you've heard other people say about him?
comment #20783 Zennistrad 20th Aug 13
@Zennistrad Well I'm not 18TillIDie but after careful examination of his first sentence 'So I have seen almost every video Bob has made since his You Tube days up till fairly recently. They've gone through a serious, rapid decline over the years. '

I've come to the conclusion, that yes, he probably has seen a couple of his episodes
comment #20798 TomWithNoNumbers 21st Aug 13
@Zennistrad This a man who believes that the old NES Batman games are better than Arkham City. He believes that Transformers is superior to all other brands of the TF Franchise, he does NOT like change that doesn't suit him.
comment #20810 LitleWiggle 21st Aug 13
I haven't heard any of those statements from him, so I'm going to assume you're lying until proven otherwise.
comment #20877 Zennistrad 26th Aug 13
comment #20878 fenrisulfur 26th Aug 13
Some people like platformers more than action-adventure games.
comment #20879 Zennistrad 26th Aug 13
'The NES "Batman" is still the best Batman game' ... ' The SNES "Star Wars" games were, when you get right down to it, "Contra with Star Wars characters"... and they were AWESOME!'

One of his latest videos was talking about how partially the idea of having narrative in videogames is silly (along with not really getting what ludonarrative dissonance is meant to mean). He constantly flashes images of NES and SNES games when saying 'games should be more like this'

He published a book purely about Super Mario Brothers 3

At the very least I'm really struggling to see why you would find it unbelievable that someone thought he was a nostalgia fanboy to the extent you questioned that they even watched the videos. It takes a lot deeper of a reading to suggest that he's not like that, and it seems like a bit of a coincidence that a lot of his ideas for radical change in the industry would end up with the industry making games suspiciously similar to the old Nintendo ones.
comment #20887 TomWithNoNumbers 27th Aug 13

I don't recall him saying anything about narrative in video games being bad in his latest video, only that ludonarrative dissonance really isn't as big a problem as some people make it out to be.

And, quite frankly, I'm inclined to agree with him there, since I never really bothered paying attention to that stuff.
comment #21188 Zennistrad 19th Sep 13
That was the video where it turned out he didn't know what the word Ludonarrative Dissonance meant right? It's conception and popular use is when the gameplay contradicts it's own themes but he was talking about developers restricting the ability to jump every now and then or 'why didn't they use a phoenix down on Aeris' style stuff. There were a lot of counter articles written about it but this one was pretty key. Campster from Errant Signal also wrote some pretty detailed points on it but on comments to a blog and it was him who said that Bob had an anti-narrative stance but he definitely wasn't talking about the LND video because it was a 'Bob's already said X before so it's not surprising he's of opinion Y now' way
comment #21189 tomwithnonumbers 19th Sep 13
It was probably better if I defined LND as 'when the themes of a game contradict the themes of it's gameplay' because in practice when given the choice of not-being a shooter or changing your story so it's not about pacifism, 99 times out of 100 people are going to change the story
comment #21190 tomwithnonumbers 19th Sep 13

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