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Reviews Comments: Has the Potential to be a Brilliant Social Commentary One Less Lonely Gurl fanfic review by Hayley Williams Fanboy

At first, I was very, very disgusted with this fanfic and its author. I also flamed this fanfic before the author turned out to be a troll. But when I reread the whole thing and read the commentary from the author himself about further details he could have included in the fanfic, One Less Lonely Gurl is starting to turn out to become a story that has a lot of potential as a satire about pop culture, rock music, and conformity. Word Of God also states that C'ren's motive was really to transform the whole world into a Sugar Bowl where everyone is happy and where everything is bright, and that would also meant that there is no rock music and 'alternative/goth/metal/punk' culture.

Just like his other fanfic, this is also surprisingly deep for a Spongebob story. Furthermore, this is also surprisingly deep for a Troll Fic. As of now, we are left waiting for some more updates to The Remake, which is looking good so far as well.


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