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Reviews Comments: Not THAT bad... The Golden Compass film/book review by Alvarocasalino

I must confess that I never read the trilogy of books written by Phillip Pullman, so I don´t know if this movie makes justice to the original material…Personally I liked it. I thought that it was a funny, interesting film, with a rich and inspiring mythology. Too bad that many parts of the story were muddled and hard to follow (Apparently, New Line make a lot of edits to the film in order to make this story less “offensive” in order to avoid the controversies and the criticism from the Christian groups…It didn´t work, they still hated the film)

Still, It wasn´t so bad as most of the reviews said(Actually, along with “About a Boy” it must be one of the best works of the director, Chris Weitz) True, it isn´t at the same level of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, but it worked very well as a sophisticated fantasy film. Of course, it had a lot of clichés (How many times we have seen the story of the Chosen One that have to save the world?) but The Cliché Storm wasn´t a problem for me.

I give it 6 of 10 stars.


  • LoniJay
  • 8th Jun 10
The main problem I had with this movie was the lack of subtlety. They flat out told us what Dust was, and gave Mrs Coulter lines that practically screamed 'I'm Evil'. But yeah, if you divorce it from the books it wasn't that bad, and I probably could have forgiven it much, if it wasn't for the ending.

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