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Reviews Comments: Be prepared to subtract free time. Homestuck whole series review by Katana

"Homestuck is honestly one of the best things I have ever read. It is funny, dramatic, and gut wrenching. Coming home at the end of the day, Homestuck is literally the first thing I check. Look at the size of the main page. Look at the characters. While Act One is somewhat slow, by Act Three you will be unable to look away. The art is simply amazing and the flash updates are astounding. Simply a complete joy to experience."

I wrote that a year and a half ago. It stands up still; but not quite as much. If you read Homestuck simply on it's own, and stay detached from the fandom at large, I guarantee you will enjoy it, simply because it is one of the best webcomics on the net today. There are parts that will infuriate you and parts that seem incredibly contrived or unnecessary. For myself, the trolls are similar to a cancer that has invaded the story, subtracting character traits and spotlight time from the characters I grew to love, as well as driving the story to more of a text based format instead of the flash driven story of the past. Homestuck now isn't the Homestuck I knew then, but it is still good. The fandom at large...well let's just say Fan Dumb. There are plenty of wonderful people, but there is an overall toxicity that repels a lot of people. It's the internet, it happens. As for the comic on it's own merits, definitely worth at least a look through. It stands as possibly one of the most compelling examples of a webcomic qualifying as some new form of wonderful art.


  • ToonyMan
  • 2nd Jun 10
  • Kastorr
  • 5th Dec 11
In retrospect, describing the trolls as cancer invading the "main" story (AKA kid's session) is appropriate.
  • AMillionSkies
  • 6th Dec 11
I sort of agree. While I love the trolls as characters, it's pretty clear that all their development definitely stunted that of the kids, and caused the story to lose focus on some of the major themes. I wouldn't say it's becoming more text based, though, since I always love dialogue and the flashes have only become more and more epic as of act 5.
  • ryu238
  • 7th Dec 11
Personally I don't really mind the trolls, as they offer much more deaph to the story, though I must admit at the cost of slowing the pace down consideribly, though that part got better as Act 5 part 2 went along, and now it seems to have a good pace albeit by focusing on new characters starting from the beginning, though that is balanced somewhat by all the foreshadowing towards it and I feel that we'll see John and Jade very soon.
  • ryu238
  • 8th Dec 11
How do you all feel about the pace now.

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