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Reviews Comments: Couldn't finish watching S2 Nikita whole series review by Uinen

I kind of feel bad that this is the first review on TV Tropes for this series. But here goes.

There's a lot to like about Nikita. Top-secret espionage high-jinks is basically my catnip. If you are after a fun spy drama full of double-crossing and intra-plotting, with plenty of action scenes, infiltrations, and tortured romantic yearnings, this could be it.

Still, despite all the fun, there was one thing that began niggling at me in Season 1 and then became so obvious in Season 2 that I couldn't get past the first 5 or 6 episodes. The fact was, I couldn't stand the way the female characters dressed. Nikita was constantly dressed in skintight clothes, and one episode insulted the French forever by putting her in a truly horrendous white-trash outfit and having her speak French (and then somehow having a whole series of action scenes without splitting her pants). Alex wore a succession of seriously too small dresses which stopped a bare couple of inches south of an R-rating. But the worst thing was Amanda, obviously an older woman, being squeezed into pretty much identical dresses, and not quite having the figure to get away with it. Don't get me wrong, I have never looked as good as Melinda Clarke, and I probably never will. But it just seemed so crass and exploitative to shoehorn her into a succession of such crass and exploitative outfits.

I wondered briefly if I was crazy, and a bit later turned to Person of Interest as my top-secret espionage high-jinks catnip show. People, if JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan can turn out an intelligent action show featuring women dressed like real people and not like cheesecake, so can you.


  • Immortalbear
  • 21st Jul 13
Cheesecake is practically essential in every show nowadays. Do you think that Game of Thrones would be so big if it didn't show a bunch of pointless gratuitous sex scenes? It's not as if it's exclusively women that are being objectified. In True Blood, the male to female nudity ratio swings far more toward the male category.The same goes for Game of Thrones. I sometimes watch a show called Teen Wolf for its monster mystery and I have to groan and swallow a crapload of male shirtless scenes, most of which are pointless due to the fact that the werewolves can transform with their clothes on. In the very same show, the girls dress as if they ordered from the Bella Swan conservative catalog.

I agree with you that cheesecake shouldn't be necessary to sell a show but at the same time it is unfair to judge a show purely on fanservice.
  • Uinen
  • 25th Aug 13
You're arguing with strawmen, my friend. I was talking about the crassness of this particular show, not the equal-opportunity crassness in shows I don't watch and have no stakes in. I would shed no tears if Game of Thrones fell off the face of the universe tomorrow.

>it is unfair to judge a show purely on fanservice.

Honestly, I don't see why I shouldn't, if fanservice bothers me. But I was hardly judging Nikita on this one thing. As said above, I think there's a lot to like about the show, it's just that this was a dealbreaker. I was constantly being distracted and annoyed by the crassness, so instead of desensitising myself, I chose to stop watching. It's a free world ;).

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