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Reviews Comments: The Truth Behind the Truth... Fullmetal Alchemist whole series review by flyboy 254

I'll keep this review as moderate as possible.

At the start of the series, we're flatly introduced to our main character as he has his "My God What Have I Done?!" moment. From there, a web of intriegue and conspiracy spawns as the first villain is taken care of in Lior.

As the series progresses, the characters really do evolve and grow, both in personal strength and revelations to who they are. Probably the biggest characters to grow are Ed himself, and Scar. I won't give to many spoilers away, but he does realize that the chain of violence indeed needs one man to break it.

That said, there can be problems. While the drama and action scenes are spaced as well as the author can make, the drama seems to stretch a tad, while all the action scenes have seemed to have been saved to the very end, and it wouldn't surprise me if anyone came away with some ending fatigue.

The villains were a very interesting miniboss squad, and seeing a group based on the seven deadly sins was interesting, especially when it came to their little endings. The human villains could also be good, Kimblee being an almost calm and subtle version of everyone's favorite monster clown, though your milage will vary.

Now, it seems there's the issue of gushing in here, so I'll keep it as un-gushing as I can.

The series is good, and there are genuine moments of comedy and action. All of the characters have their own motives, and the various plotlines tie together well in the end. That said, there's some WTF moments, and at times, the characters motives can seem confusing. But the characters do have their flaws and their limits, with only Roy Mustang and a few others coming close to any kind of Mary Sue level.

Now that the series is at it's end, only one more chapter stands between FMA and it's true placement in manga history. Where that place is, the readers and fans will decide.


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