Reviews Comments: Revenge of the Dub Oppresed! Or; It's a Comedy, Think Riffing for Bad Dubs

Revenge of the Dub Oppresed! Or; It's a Comedy, Think Riffing for Bad Dubs
First, yes, I am a male. However, I wasn't exactly in the know about what cartoons were meant for boys and girls, so I have some "fond" memories about the original American dub. Then I found SMA Abridged.

I am enlightened.

First, they rip apart all the dubbed dialogue. Every. Little. Bit. Anything you found silly or ridiculous, they tear to pieces. The dubbed characters are also handled with comedy, though the Lita as a transvestite thing was a bit of a tweest.

The thing about SMA abridged is it's based off the American dub, and that's where most of the comedy comes from. If you've never been subjected to the actual dub, then you're missing most of the humor. Without knowing the dub dialogue and characterizations, you really miss a lot of the humor.

Having seen comments about seriousness later in the first season, well, I didn't see any. There was still a good bit of comedy intermixed, and I thought they handled that serious bits quite well. If you were subjected to the dub, and you want a little well earned revenge, check out Megami33's SMA Abridged. And remember to bring some doughnuts, I hear Serena's hungry.


comment #4373 ReikoKazama 10th Sep 10

Please tell me Raye doesn't read TV tropes, or I'll be dead within the week.
comment #4581 flyboy254 26th Sep 10

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