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Reviews Comments: The End Lost whole series review by iwintheinternets?


I spent six years of my life devoted to this show. I stuck through them in the good times, and the bad. I watched the show follow an underlying, albeit crooked path (Seasons One to Three) completely lose all sense of where it even was (Season Four) and simply get really, really bad (Seasons Five and Six).

But after it all, The End was worth it. Did it wrap everything up? No. Was it the plan they had from the very start? No. Was it worth six years of undying loyalty to a show which reached, at times, great peaks and great lows? Was it able to justify sticking with the show all that time? Would I recommend the show to anyone, having seen The End?

What it was, was a powerful and deeply moving episode. It was, without question, a good ending. The tears I shed upon witnessing Jack closing his eye, in the same spot we watched him open it, starting the whole series, as he lay dying were real. The painful lump in my throat as Jack smiled at the plane as it left the island. That was real, too. Even if it didn't explain much- hell, even though it explained nothing at all- the emotional satisfaction of knowing after death the "Losties" who have redeemed themselves (Jack, Kate, Sayid, Shannon) will be together once more was worth it alone.

One day, maybe, I too will be able to move on, and let go, like Jack. But having seen The End, having come so far through good and bad, I cannot take my mind off one thought; it was worth it.


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