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Reviews Comments: Baccano! Baccano whole series review by R Oxy 12

Baccano! is one of the most coolest series ever made.The music,the characters,the complex story.EVERYTHING.I like all the characters.Almost all.My favorites ones are Czeslaw Meyer(cute,woobie,hugable),Firo Prochainezo(he is cool and sweet),Luck Gandor (sexy,cool,badass,and is voiced by Takehito Koyasu),Chane(sexy mute,badass,nice girl),Ladd Russo(Ax Crazy,cool,funny), Ronnie Suchiart(mysterious,amoral,sexy looking,eldrich abomination,powerful),Claire Stanfield(do i need it to say?),Maiza Avaro(cool,calm,is a nice friend to Firo and Czeslaw),Isaac and Miria,Niki(from the light novels),and Jacuzzi and his gang. The ones I don't like are the assholes and the Big Bad of the series.The last one I would kill him with my own hands. The story is very complex.It's like a puzzle,big puzzle. The opening is addicting and awesome.The characters are complex and badass.The dub is 10/10 stars.Baccano! it's a must watch series.


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