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Reviews Comments: My Favorite Show! The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by travisplatypus

The Looney Tunes Show is my favorite show. I love it so much! The characters are funny (especially Lola and Daffy). Pretty much all the characters are the same. Bugs is still the awesome rabbit we all know and love. Daffy is still the bumbling maniac we all know. The only characters that have really changed are Gossamer who is a kind middle schooler and Lola who might as well be a brand new character but I think she works better as a crazy stalker. I didn't include Elmer because he hasn't changed much. Sure, now he loves grilled cheese sandwiches and is a news reporter now but that's just his favorite food and his job. Hunting isn't a job, it's a hobby. That means he still does hunt, he just doesn't hunt Bugs and Daffy because their citizens now. Overall, this show is great and I think it's even better than Looney Tunes.


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