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Unleashed... Badly.
Unleashed is a Love It Or Hate It game. I've played both versions, and I'll provide opinion on both - the Wii version is better. No, seriously. Though, it's not by that much. Overall, it's a fairly mediocre game at best. It's not terrible, but not good either.

Versions: HD = 360/PS 3, SD = Wii/PS2.

Let's start with the worst bit - the Werehog.

HD: Copies Godof War down to the letter... Without porting over what makes that game fun. Uninteresting platforming and set-pieces, and the combat is a button-masher. It's more effective to avoid the Action Commands. Even the Titans are pushovers. The levels are also way too damn long, taking up to 30 minutes at a time.

SD: While the combat is simplified somewhat here, it's actually kinda interesting, gives you a challenge, and the levels are short bursts, it's easy to complete them before the medal time, most of the time you'll finish levels in five minutes. Still kinda meh, though.

Now, the daytime levels...

HD: It's really not as good as people say. The beginning levels aren't too bad, but soon enough, the game stops pretending not to hate your guts. Fake Difficulty up the wazoo, whether it be killer QTEs of the worst kind (randomised and too many buttons with an unfair time limit), obstacles you can't possibly avoid the first time without a lot of luck... And it does not help that the game actively punishes you for going fast. Unfortunately, it also encourages going fast all the time. And the designers know how unfair their design is, but the only thing they do is throw in extra lives in easily accessible locations before unfair sections. No other designer in his right mind would do that. The medals do not help - really, collect-a-thon in a game that discourages exploration? Not fun, period.

SD: This version focuses on the drift rather than the quick-step (which is used only a few times in the entire game if memory serves me right)... And is much better for it. This version avoids the fake difficulty, gives you FAIR QTEs (two buttons, waggle, fair time limit), and, basically, doesn't punish you for going fast so much, and can actually be fun.

Other things:

Graphics: Scenery Porn, both versions. Enough said.

Music: Excellent as well.

Medals: HD medal collecting = horrible. SD = optional and done well.


HD - 5

SD - 7
The SD version QTEs have 3 buttons, no waggle, and the fairness of the time limit is variable.
comment #2829 yarrunmace 10th Jun 10 (edited by: yarrunmace)
Ugh I found the 360/PS 3 version to be way better in my opinion.
comment #3738 KoolCartoons 4th Aug 10
I can confirm this. There's more Werehog levels in the Wii version, but they're much shorter. Playtime-wise, they're about equal.
comment #3972 14th Aug 10
This review was great. Every reason given was exactly why I preferred the Wii version by far
comment #22714 nicksmi56 5th Jan 14
The Wii Version isn't better in the slightest. It's just a bland watered down version of the superior 360/PS3 Version, all I get from this review is you preferring the PS2 version because it's easier.
comment #26160 AfroWarrior27 15th Sep 14
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