Reviews Comments: A purposely laconic review.

A purposely laconic review.
There are a number of long reviews here. I will keep mine as short as possible, especially as it represents only my private opinion.

I enjoyed the film. Although I felt the first act had a number of problems, and though I felt as though between fifteen and thirty minutes of the film had been chopped out and replaced with scenes I would not have used in their place, the completed movie still succeeded in producing a good story, with good performances and good special effects. Most of the side characters did fine in their assigned tasks, Zod is a good, somewhat human villain, Lois does a perfectly serviceable job, and the character of Clark Kent is pretty much spot-on. The only weak link is Zod's lady henchwoman, whose only saving grace may or may not be her action chops, as my eye is not developed enough to tell if she relied on CGI and stunt doubles. And if you say it doesn't matter because she's hot, I will e-mail myself to your monitor and bite your dick off.

A pretty good Superman film. I am glad I saw it, and I am glad that my money will help ensure that we get another, better one later.


Yeah, that "evolution" speech reads like it was taken straight out of a Heroes monologue. "Evolution always wins"? What does that even mean?
comment #19866 johnnye 15th Jun 13

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