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Reviews Comments: A great start Man Of Steel film/book review by winchesterbros

I'm a really big fan of Superman, and I feel the character gets little respect in our society today. This film is excellent. It provides everything one would want in a Superman film. Henry Cavill id a great Clark Kent, second only to Reeve in live action Superman actors. the action is great and mesmerizing, though it gets carried away at certian points. Overall, a great film.


  • gameragodzilla
  • 14th Jun 13
I agree that this movie is awesome. Frankly, I'm glad that they went above and beyond with the action, as Superman has not had a fight scene in movies since Superman IV, and has not had a GOOD fight scene since Superman II, so seeing awesome action scenes that clearly take advantage of the major advances in movie technology was a treat, all right. What was especially nice was seeing Superman's superspeed, a power that's often not used in Superman fights.

And yes, Cavill did an amazing job. Definitely second only to Reeve himself. Bring on the sequel!

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