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Reviews Comments: "Chaos Rising" pros and cons Teen Wolf episode/issue review by Opftw 1

Here be spoilers.

Pros: Moar hurt!Isaac, awkward and funny Stiles making plans, Scott still being awesome (yay for character development), Derek's still being all protective, PETER, DANNY, COACH FINSTOCK, one of those alpha twins is gonna go for Danny (I feel like poor Danny boy's gonna get his heart broken...), MISS MOREL IS EVIL?, Allison being redeemably awesome, detective!Stiles, Stiles almost getting laid which he totally deserved so I wish it had happened, that friend of his was awesome, I'm sad she's probably dead but happy that Stiles is most likely gonna get in trouble for her death, because that would create delicious angst, WTF IS LYDIA?, ONE OF DEREK'S SIBLINGS IS ALIVE THANK FUCK HE TOTALLY DESERVES HAPPINESS AND SHE BETTER NOT DIE!!!, the alpha alpha is actually blind which I thought was cool, there has been more Sterek scenes this seasons than I thought there would be going off interviews

Cons: So many elements to the story that it felt a bit out of focus, looks like awesome new girl from the last episode is dead, and Erica is dead *cries* and I think the next time trailer had an image of Derek holding her body which broke my heart (this isn't really a con I guess - they were working with what they had), not much of the parents at all

PS: If anything bad happens to Derek's sister, I will throw 82390543 tantrums


  • psionycx
  • 15th Jun 13
More gay baiting on Jeff Davis's part. Danny appears for under a minute and has one line. We are two episodes into the season and the twins are the only Alpha's who have not spoken at all. Why is it that Danny, a character who has been around since season one, gets less screen time and fewer lines than new characters that are constantly being introduced?

Feels like they are starting a lot of plot threads. But then, to get the tax break for their move to California they had to guarantee 24 episodes (i.e. two seasons worth). So things may remain messy and confused for a while.
  • Opftw1
  • 23rd Jun 13
Um. What. In what way is this show gay baiting? I think, as a homosexual myself, that they're doing a wonderful job with the topic. I love the way they just present the issue with no stumbling or awkwardness and dare anyone to be offended. Okay, so Danny isn't very much screen time. So what? He was originally just supposed to be a bit character (like Lydia and Jackson were as well, so IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS SEXUALITY) but now they're giving him his own story line. How is that gay-baiting? And only one of the twins is gay. So are they straight baiting by not giving them lines? Besides, the next episode is supposed to focus on them. It's got nothing to do with their sexualities - sometimes villains are kept in the shadows or don't talk to make them more mysterious and intimidating. You really don't need to act like people who are doing their very hardest to be accepting and represent the community well are somehow preying on gays. Please go attack people who are actually homophobic.

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