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Reviews Comments: You're Standing on My Neck Daria whole series review by Alvarocasalino

"Daria" is simply one of the best shows about teens that I've seen in my entire life. More than being just a good spin-off of "Beavis & Butthead", "Daria" was a great series with its own merits. It was funny, clever and ironic, but at the same time managed to have many sincere heartwarming moments. It was even cute occasionally, without being corny.

What made "Daria" so good (Besides of the excellent jokes) were the characters, which were much more complex that one could expect: At first sight, each one of them seems like the classic cliques and stereotypes from many other teen stories (The dumb blonde cheerleader, the shallow Alpha Bitch, the Gothic girl, the dumb jock and the eccentric teachers) but a closer look showed that each one of them had a much more interesting and well developed personality, being each one of them very funny and likable. I have to admit, that at first, I didn't like Daria (I mean the character, not the show, which I liked from the first episode) but as I saw more episodes, I started to understand why she was sarcastic about almost everything, and the way in which she interacted with her family and the other students.

I miss animated shows like this. Now, almost all the recent "adult" animated shows are way too much focused in shock value and mean-spirited jokes, but "Daria" remains to be one of the best series from all the history of television, being a witty and honest portrayal of teen life.


  • Fauxlosophe
  • 12th Jun 13
I'll chip in my perspective here since I was thinking about a review myself but never bothered. I procrastinated for a while on some of my exams/finals and watched the whole four seasons over a couple weeks whenever I had spare time [Basically Sleep, Work, Food and Daria]. I think my immersion in the character peaked in season 2; season 1 she was a little abbrasive but my issue if anything was that she was sort of "90s rebellion clapping itself on the back". She got to be more of a character as she started showing a little affection and running into conflict, which I think might have warmed you up to here. For me, I went from lukewarm toward Daria and enjoying the show for pretty decent writing [along with nostalgia] to feeling invested in the character and drama.

Around the end, she shifted from clear minded font of witty oneliners [bland but what I was buying into] and went more soap-opera-y. I'd say Sloane was a major breaking point for me since that was where her antagonism went from "Mean but blunt person" to "Lashes out and punishes others for liking her". Also the season three foreshadowing seemed pretty obvious and awkward and made Sloane unsympathetic since it felt like he was hitting on her since the introduction, though otherwise, it was a decent season. The concept works and adds some depth that was only alluded to before [the show would have gotten bland had it kept the same] but it goes overboard at times to the point where it feels a little derailing to Daria's character and leaves Tom bland. I always had a bit of trouble figuring out who he was between being sleezy enough to go after Daria pretty actively while dating Jane and being the more mature one when Daria lashes out at him.

Over all though, it's definitely worth watching and the Daria/Jane dynamic remains pretty cool throughout.

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