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Reviews Comments: Pros and Cons of "Tattoo" Teen Wolf episode/issue review by Opftw 1

Pros: Hurt!Isaac, Stiles being hilarious, Derek being a sweetheart (no, really, itís like heís become the awesome big brother character), yay Sheriff Stillinski (I think heís gonna figure out the supernatural on his own!), Scottís character growth, seeing Erica and Boyd, Stiles&Scott and Lydia&Allison friendship, Mrs. Mc Call being freaking amazing, Chris Argentís awkward parenting, the alpha pack is already amazing, I LOVE THAT NEW GIRL CHARACTER (I wonít even mind if she breaks up Sterek you guys), the alpha twin can conjoin bodies holy fuck, I loved the touch with the animals, every character in this show is HOT as HELL, motorcycles, also Dylan OíBrian should be having babies with me even though Iím a lesbian, music and cinematography were great as ever, I miss Jackson now (didnít think that was possible), basically if they keep this quality up itís going to be an amazing season

Cons (more like nitpicks really): no Danny or Peter, Stiles could have done more, IF SCOTT HAS SOME BS PROPHECY SURROUNDING HIM IíM GONNA BE PISSED, I wish weíd gotten to see Derekís character development, Scott was pretty together this episode and it seemed like his character had grown Ė but would he shut up about Allison? PLEASE (I canít believe Derek put up with that Ė also Stiles is the best friend ever for listening to him whine Ė I thought Scott had grown but he still monologued about his love! SHE WENT BERERK AND SHOT PEOPLE, I mean I like her but come on! We know he loves her but in real life can you think about how pathetic this would be?), and also I know itís a part of Stilesís growth but I am so ready for him to be over Lydia

SO EXCITED! Maybe I'll do one of these for each episode!


  • psionycx
  • 15th Jun 13
Totally agree that Scott had better not be some kind of Anakin or Luke Skywalker with a special destiny! It would be much cooler to see him succeed on his own merits, and not because he has some predestined path ahead of him.

Derek seems to have accepted that Stiles, and even Scott, are real friends now and he can drop the BAMF act around them.

I think that everyone is being overly-generous towards Allison, seeing as how she skewered Erica and Boyd and let her grandfather hold them prisoner in the basement. She frankly deserves to be physically hurt just so that she can learn to develop some real empathy and comprehend that other people besides her can suffer emotionally and physically. Because it is kind of creepy the way that she can walk the halls of a school plastered with missing persons posters of two classmates she shot with a bow and arrow and act as if it is trivial compared to her angst over Scott.

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