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Reviews Comments: Underrated Movie Constantine film/book review by Demetrios

I watched this movie recently, and I thought it was pretty good. The action was good, the characters were believable, and the story was compelling. Plus even if a movie like this isn't your cup of tea, you've got to agree that this is a good exchange:

Angela: I don't believe in the Devil.
Constantine: You should. He believes in you.

The one thing I didn't like, though, was the super-bizarre idea the script writers had to make the archangel Gabriel a shemale who fights worse than he/she dresses. Fortunately, he/she doesn't appear in the movie that much, so it's not that big a deal.

Overall, if you haven't seen this movie yet, I recommend it. :)


  • Nithael
  • 25th May 10
Yeah, it was cool. I think most of the critics come from the fact that it's an unfaithful adaptation of the comics Hellblazer (which doesn't mean that the movie was bad).

For Gabriel, the idea was probably to show that angels have no gender/sex by giving him/her an Ambiguous Gender (or is it No Gender?).
  • Phrederic
  • 25th May 10
@Nithael Yeah, that's probably a big thing, if Hollywood was a little more willing to give money to a project that didn't have a pre-existing name already attached to it, then fans would be happier and a little bit more originality might come from it. But it wouldn't make as much money or get as much press.
  • DracAtRest
  • 25th May 10
Angels are traditionally androgynous. That was a good aspect of the movie.
  • FlyingGuillotine
  • 5th Mar 12
I also enjoyed this movie (then again, I'm kind of a Keanu Reeves fan). Plus, Peter Stormare and Tilda Swinton were in it, and they're two of my favorite actors! Oh, and Djimon Honsou was awesome, too.

And the whole Gabriel thing was handled pretty well, I think. Angels are supposed to be androgynous/without gender.

Also, and this is just a gripe, but: the word "shemale" is offensive, and you shouldn't use it. Just saying.
  • VeryMelon
  • 6th Mar 12
Shemale isn't offensive, what the hell are you talking about?
  • ChaoticTrilby
  • 25th May 12
@Very Melon: "Shemale" is often used as a derogative term by ignorant Jerkasses who look down on people who don't (physically and/or mentally) fit into one gender or the other. Thus, it has negative connotations and is offensive. And, unless you actually happen to be androgynous/trans/etc. yourself, I don't think you have any authority to say that the term "shemale" is or is not offensive. Some people find other derogative terms inoffensive but, if someone said that they were offended by them, the proper course of action would be to stop using such terms. To do otherwise would be extremely disrespectful and not at all called for in Real Life.

With that out of the way, I mostly agree with this review. I thought the movie was pretty enjoyable and I didn't even have a problem with Keanu Reeves because I couldn't help but imagine an exorcist, who routinely takes trips into Hell, as an extreme stoic. Can't let them see your fear, you know? Plus, I thought that the plot was engaging enough and the characters were fun to watch. Especially Lucifer and Balthazar, who were awesome. Maybe it didn't match up with the original comic but, since I never read that comic, it wasn't a problem for me.

Honestly, the looks I get when I say that I like this movie are irritating as Hell. It really is underrated and I wouldn't mind watching it a third time.

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