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10:46:55 PM Sep 1st 2015
Thanks to this article on the Mary Sue, there's a load of controversy now over Samus being transsexual or not, especially considering the actual remarks made by the Metroid staff in question. How should this be dealt with considering from going all over the internet, I've seen it's attracted good and bad debate and such over its validity?
10:52:33 PM Sep 1st 2015
On the one hand, that article instantly loses me by trying to light the torch on the whole Danganronpa / Persona 4 debacle.

On the other hand... I think what's on the page now is fine. It mentions the theory, it mentions where it came from, and it cracks a joke to keep things light. I'm fine leaving it alone.
07:31:13 AM Sep 2nd 2015
So should the whole topic be left off this wiki considering it appears to be heading into dangerous territory (What with the whole issue of transphobia from how some denials are being interpreted) territory?
09:46:45 AM Sep 3rd 2015
edited by Doctor_Doom
Given the situation, I feel it should be kept off. The article was based on a joke misinterpreted as fact (made by a background designer who had no part in character's creation/design) and a mistranslation of a quote from Sakamoto (as proven on Twitter). As such, the article has no facts to speak of (as such no validity), so the matter itself isn't worth mentioning on the page.
09:56:05 AM Sep 3rd 2015
... oh my god that article is so awful.

That said, it seems like it applies because clearly there is a small but ardent group that believes it. That said, the language should be adjusted to fit the fact it's a small minority, as the current language makes it seem like it's an even split which is not a reasonable representation.
10:05:41 AM Sep 3rd 2015
Hi, Larkmarn. I just made a huge wall of text to explain exactly why. I hope that's enough to dissuade people from re-adding anything related to it (and that I wasn't too rude about it....)
10:12:48 AM Sep 3rd 2015
The problem with approaching it is that *clearly* nothing actually says that Samus is transgender. At this point, the debate's turned to "Well, nothing supports it, but we can believe it anyway". so, honestly, the entire debacle should just be kept off, IMO.
10:41:08 AM Sep 3rd 2015
Last comment (for now). The Other Wiki's successfully kept things related to this "debate" from getting out of hand/getting onto Samus' page there. I suggest we do the same since (again) there just is nothing to support the idea, so nothing to create debate about and merit a mention on This Very Wiki.
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