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12:09:27 PM Mar 22nd 2015
Why does the page keep referring to Yubel as "she" if male pronouns are the canon pronouns?
04:05:55 PM Apr 20th 2014
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About the Draco in Leather Pants example, Edo wasn't really a villain because he had a Heel–Face Turn halfway through the second season. Oh, and should Darkness and Amnael count as DILPs?

Also, where is Ensemble Darkhorse on here? Because believe it or not, Daitokuji-sensei has a small following of fangirls. I should know because I am a part of said following.
01:50:29 PM May 22nd 2013
I have to question if GX is really an Affectionate Parody of the original series. There's definitely aspects of it, but if it is intended a parody I'd say it's closer to an Indecisive Parody, as later seasons turn the show into a Deconstruction, and by their nature parodies are meant to be exaggerated and silly and deconstructions are serious and grim, I don't think the two styles can co-exist at the same time.

So, moral of the story - I'm going to reword that bit under Misaimed Fandom and add Indecisive Parody to the main page
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