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07:06:03 PM May 3rd 2014
Some of the Narm entries (especially the later ones) seem like they're delving into the realm of just complaining for the sake of it. One in particular is about the JL not having a more prominent role...even though the show isn't even directly about them.

Kind of hesitant to remove them since it is a YMMV issue. Can anyone take a second look at them and voice an opinion?
04:17:46 PM May 29th 2014
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Ah the Age old YMMV problems, by it's nature it's subjective, but taken to extremes any attitude can be written down because it'a all opinion based (broad statement, don't bother taking it apart it's not important).

I do agree with you though, whether or not these are examples, we should probably clear up the venom in them.

As for whether or not these examples count, try see if you can find discussions about the incidents around the web. See if they're generally shared complaints that a good few fans hold.
04:31:03 PM May 29th 2014
Just about all of those entries were added by billthetaylor. Yeah, it looks a lot like a one-man hate thing, but we should probably check with him first.
05:51:05 PM Oct 15th 2013
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Per the UI page, not Unfortunate Implications without an accompanying link to prove it's not just one person complaining.

  •     Unfortunate Implications 
    • The show at one point had a tie-in toyline at the McDonald's burger chain. All four male members of Young Justice were included in the line, as were Superman and Batman. Guess who was excluded from the line? You guessed it, Miss Martian and Artemis. To add insult to injury, they were replaced by Black Manta and Captain Cold, the latter of whom hadn't even had a speaking role on the show yet.
    • The Young Justice Halloween costumes only feature Robin, Kid Flash, and Superboy — the three white boys. The two girls on the team and the black boy are left out.
    • The series' promotional materials, the tie-in comics, and most fanart depict the half-Vietnamese Artemis with a more "white" complexion and bright blue eyes; Word of God on the former two is that it was due to a miscommunication. The actual show has her with noticeably darker skin than her Caucasian teammates and dark gray eyes.
    • In "Beneath", Dick is explaining to Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian, and Bumblebee that he put together an all-female team to investigate Queen Bee because her persuasion abilities don't work as competently on women as they do on men. Batgirl then asks Dick if he would've "felt the need to justify an all-male squad for a given mission?" At which point the rest of the squad gives Dick a dirty look and sheepishly asks "there's no right answer to that, is there?" When he logs out, Batgirl quips that Queen Bee's not the only one who can mess with men's minds, and the team laughs. Half the fanbase appreciates Batgirl for calling Nightwing on the unintentional assumption that an all-male squad is normal, while an all-female squad needs to be explained; the other half thinks she's being a Straw Feminist and giving Nightwing grief for no reason.
    • Any episode that deals with international politics tends to fall into this, especially for non-American viewers. "Targets" portrays "North and South Rhelasia", paper-thin expies of the two Koreas, as being run by essentially bratty children who continue to fight with each other for no particular reason until Lex Luthor steps in as a white savior, points out that they have no reason to fight, and persuades them into making peace... through a promise of selling advanced military tech to both sides. "Image" presents Qurac as essentially the culmination of all neoconservative propaganda about what Iraq would be like post-invasion with a leader who is Definitely Positively Democratically Elected and beloved by his people and supports the United States until the supervillain who runs Bialya brainwashes him into wanting to hand his country over to her, at which point the heroes need to intervene to save Qurac from itself. The tie-in comic has the democratic leader replaced by Sumaan Harjavti... who is in league with Queen Bee, willingly.
    • The fact that the one black guy in the show in a relationship has to call his girlfriend "woman" at least once.
    • Arsenal's comment about getting a reward (and Cassie willingly giving him one) has reminded many a fan of the sexist trope in which a hero would get abrupt kisses from women after saving the day as a "reward".
08:32:43 PM Aug 4th 2012
edited by Eagal

Why were the edits reversed concerning Blue Beetle being regarded as The Scrappy and Brent Spiner not being a very good VA?
10:58:38 AM Aug 8th 2012
Blue Beetle being regarded as The Scrappy seemed like a very unpopular, mostly unknown opinion. He is nowhere as universally hated as Lagoon Boy, a perfect candidate of such title. The YMMV page often describes popular opinions across the fanbase, not one or two people having a problem with something. The current positioning in They Changed It, Now It Sucks seems more fitting, even if still a bit unpopular.

Brent Spiner can be a very good VA, but this specific performance is very polarizing. I guess that can be left there, but it did seem like an unnecessary dig at the voice actor was added in.

02:01:58 PM Aug 8th 2012
Works for me.
04:14:00 PM May 18th 2012
For the 2nd time, stop edit warring around this item.
03:38:36 PM May 19th 2012
T He eidt war stopped a while ago, people were deleting it because they didn't like it, but it has since been resolved until you 'solved' it.
01:43:18 PM Jun 1st 2012
Honestly there wouldn't be an edit war if you hadn't ended it with a Take That!.
01:21:34 PM May 9th 2012
Too undetailed to be an example - please see How to Write an Example:
01:20:24 PM May 9th 2012
These entries are being the subject of an Edit War. Don't readd them in any shape or form without sorting things out here first:
  • Contested Sequel/Replacement Scrappy:
    • The series as a whole is viewed as such by a lot of Teen Titans fans.*
    • And now fans of the late, great DCAU hate this series for its toyline effectively cancelling the long-running Justice League Unlimited toyline. A toyline that hasn't had a show to help support it for five years. The lesson? Fandoms do not let things go.
    • Almost every new season 2 character was viewed like this before the episode even aired due to some characters not appearing the TV spots. There are also people complaining that the personalities of the new members of the Team are no different from the eight we saw in season 1.
      • It's still like that with some fans.
    • Lagoon Boy is shaping up to act as a Replacement Scrappy for three of the first season's main characters. He never stops complaining about being overlooked and under-appreciated but doesn't seem to have earned anything like Red Arrow had, he has mostly underwater powers with a goofy-looking form when we swells up like a blowfish that seem inferior to Aqualad's powers, and is dating Miss Martian, making him a shipping wars target from fans who prefer her paring up with Superboy. Oh, and he also has a lame catchphrase ("Netpune's Beard", a Call-Back to Aquaman which seems much worse than the previous season's eyeroller "Hello Megan") and stupid sounding underwater hip lingo.
      • To be fair to Lagoon Boy, notice, unlike Aqualad (whose tattoos are permanently on his skin) his tattoos only appear when he's using magic, meaning that he's actually more skilled at Atlantean sorcery than Aqualad. And yeah, he's arrogant, but not a much as Red Arrow.
    • He gets the worst of it due mostly to the Die for Our Ship, but he's not the only one. You've Kid Flash fans complaining about Beast Boy due to the fact that the latter has picked up Wally's habit of collecting souvenirs. And then there are also people who complain that he's not like his counterpart in Teen Titans. And people see the show's Wonder Girl as a Replacement Scrappy for Artemis. Even the Tim Drake Robin isn't spared- there are plenty of people wanting 13-year-old Dick Grayson back.
08:54:08 AM Aug 31st 2011

3 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to God I'm dying to know what episode 11 is.
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