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05:40:37 PM Mar 5th 2017
I don't know where this would go, if anywhere, but I've seen more than one article recently arguing that Kitty Pryde is/was possibly canonically intended to be bisexual (with the whole "soul sword" thing used as evidence). I don't know if that would be Fanon, Die for Our Ship, or something else.
05:28:47 PM Jul 4th 2014
Posting this here in-case someone wants to re-add it without all the Natter.

  • Dork Age: Everything from the end of Operation Zero Tolerance to the start of the Grant Morrison run (and for a large number of fans, Morrison's run itself). This is presumably, due to the departure of Scott Lobdell, Fabian Necieza, Warren Ellis and Jeph Loeb after well-loved runs along with longtime artists Joe Madureia and Andy Kubert leaving the titles. The only remaining X-Men writer from the glory days of the early 1990s was Larry Hama who was merely writing Wolverine. Thankfully, some level of quality control began when Warren Ellis was hired for a second time to handle X-Force and the Bat Familycrossover The Twelve hit the market at around the time when the first movie ht theaters. The franchise still wasn't truly loved again until Grant Morrison put out a Mind Screw of a title on New X-Men, Chris Claremont returned for a traditonally heroic X-Treme X-Men and Peter Milligan taking X-Force in a completely new direction.
    • YMMV on this as Chuck Austin still takes the cake however as the absolute worst writer that the series has ever had and he had not one but two runs on the series. The first of which was concurrent with the Grant Morrison, Chris Claremont and Peter Milligan runs. The second happened while Joss Whedon and Chris Claremont were handling the franchise. For instance, he had Angel and Husk not only date but have sex in front of Husk's mother and made Icemen get shattered and then rebuilt by being peed on. Most of Chuck Austin's run is considered to fall between Fanon Discontinuity and Canon Discontinuity. Not only will praising him be considered a flame war but even mentioning his name online to bash him will start arguments amongst those who hate his work. Even Morrison is divisive to some degree for the level of Mind Screw along with Executive Meddling killing off Jean Grey. That said, Morrison still won an Eisner since most fans loved the crazy Mind Screw plots. That"s why this is YMMV.
    • Even the otherwise well-respected Chris Claremont dropped the (thankfully non-canon) X-Men Forever which is responsible for a once-loved creator becoming reviled among the fandom. His current Nightcrawler solo series is much better received and may have very well saved his reputation.
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