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11:17:14 AM Aug 13th 2013
The Scrappy: Is this really the right trope? Seems to me that this entry can be broken down more accurately into Base Breaker and Mary Sue.
12:06:34 PM Aug 13th 2013
Yeah, definitely split.

Kinda tough for a character to be an Ensemble Darkhorse and The Scrappy at the same time.
12:22:06 PM Aug 13th 2013
The question is how to split it up, and into what tropes, and what examples would you put where?
12:33:18 PM Aug 13th 2013
I don't think Mary Sue is necessary, actually. Just Base Breaker. And... the majority of the entry needs to be axed. It's just whining and overanalyzing.
12:47:06 PM Aug 13th 2013
edited by
Seems the most fitting, going to wait for a bit more feedback before making any further changes than I already did, though (contrasting her negatively with Cass Cain was pretty blatant flame bait considering Cain's a bit of a Sue and Base Breaker herself).
06:39:33 PM Aug 13th 2013
edited by
Proposing these edits, in place of The Scrappy:

  • Broken Base: Much like her father, Laura has generated a bit of divisiveness among the fanbase.
    • Some readers view her as a Creator's Pet because of the perception that whenever a book is taken over by Christopher Yost and/or Craig Kyle, X-23 is promoted to a lead role at the expense of other characters, and because she's also often considered an A-List character rather than B- or C-List as is the case with most teenage heroes. Some New X-Men fans in particular accuse her of leading to Wind Dancer being written out of the series so Laura could take her place as Hellion's Love Interest at the same time as Yost and Craig took over. Defenders would point out that while X-23 eventually did eventually develop as a romantic interest for Hellion, her stint in the book also began with her on the receiving end of a fair amount of bullying on his part (particularly over her being a clone) so she didn't actually replace her. Additionally, other characters still received a substantial amount of focus during her time in the book, particularly Surge, Pixie and Mercury.
    • X-23 is often accused of poor character development, however it should be noted there's a history of Flanderization of many characters in comics, and not just Wolverine, who receives much of the same criticism. Even popular stalwarts such as Cyclops and Magneto (who rarely receive the same amount of backlash as Wolverine) frequently suffer stretches where their character development stagnates, inexplicably reverses, or even jumps between extremes Depending on the Writer.
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