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02:00:46 PM Jun 28th 2013
I'm deleting the few remaining wicks to True Art Is Offensive, though since the entry for it on this page is rather long, I'm pasting it here in case someone wants to do something with it. Or something. O_o

  • True Art Is Offensive: In addition to their usual harsh language, "Pumpin' 4 the Man" uses the homophobic slur, "faggot." "Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)" is sung from the perspective of a toddler (complete with high pitched baby voice) getting diagnosed with the fatal disease. "The HIV Song" is also a rather uplifting song given the subject matter (though it doesn't make fun of people diagnosed with it or anything; the only lyrics are "AIDS" and "HIV"), among other examples.
    • The full extent of comprehensible lyrics in "Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire" is as follows:
    glarglewharblegarble GANG RAPE
    Cover it with gas and set it on fire!
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