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01:43:14 AM Feb 23rd 2014
Removed these from the page because none of them are sourced to provide evidence that it's more than just one person complaining, as per the Unfortunate Implications page.

  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • Legato, who may or may not be the show's only canonically gay character, is a sadistic mass murderer who was sexually abused as a child. Ouch!
    • Also, the manga's only transsexual character is also a depraved mass-murdering killer.
    • The show also seems to have some less-than-progressive attitudes toward women: on the one hand, Meryl and Millie are certainly presented as fairly independent and capable; on the other hand, they're still fairly ineffectual compared to the most important male characters, and the most physically-powerful woman we see (Dominique the Cyclops) is an antagonist who only gets one episode to show her stuff and dies in short order afterward.
      • The anime also features Vash missing a chance to attack her to instead rip the buttons off her shirt and say "I could have groped you four times"[in that instant you attacked me]. And then he says that a beautiful woman like her shouldn't be fighting but should be keeping house for her man, in a tone as if it's a horrible depressing thing that a lady is FORCED to fight against her will instead of having his idea of a woman's perfect life. Nothing in the show even indicates that she didn't choose to become a Gung-Ho Gun, let alone that she has a husband or wants one.
        • A particularly disturbing example in the episode where Vash helps a sex slaver's son and his girlfriend escape the caravan. Basically, the boy has a tattoo that allows passage through a barricade, and without it, they'd starve to death in the desert. A deal is made, however, with Vash faking the death of the son. His father is portrayed as a decent man at heart for letting him go even though his entire business is built on having other people's daughters raped for the rest of their lives, which almost certainly end when he stops making money off them. The son saw it himself in a really ugly scene, looking on in horror as a young girl cried out for her mother before being raped. Vash's reputation is eventually used to gain entry, and they part ways without one slaver seeing so much as a day in jail, or even getting arrested in the first place. This is supposed to be seen as a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Wolfwood states that he thought ultimately there'd have to be a sacrifice, but there didn't, all thanks to Vash the Stampede. I'm sure those innocent women who you've condemned to a living hell thank you too, Vash. Our freakin' hero, ladies and gentleman.
10:01:21 PM May 1st 2014
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I just found out that these do not require citation on YMMV pages, only for examples on the Unfortunate Implications page. This is apparently a common misconception. I'll restore the examples, but the last example needs to be tuned up a bit, because we do not allow fourth bullet points, nor first person usage. It could also be a lot more concise.

EDIT: Aaaaaand then it was changed to it all requiring citation. Removed again.
04:37:46 AM Feb 3rd 2012
These entries need to be expanded according to How TO Write An Example:

12:02:49 PM Jan 4th 2012
Why is vash an example?
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