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06:44:40 PM Feb 27th 2016
Okay, maybe I was wrong about pulling the YMMV page and I was wrong for that attempted page blank, but I still don't like the fact that butthurt Sweetie Bird, Lil Sneezer, and Byron Basset fanboys go around hating Furrball as if he killed their family. And what about Plucky? He's a base breaker as well. Why, that poor sap is as overrated as Frozen. If you were gonna call Furrball a "base breaker", add Plucky as well. He stinks and I hate him.
01:42:29 AM Feb 28th 2016
If you blanked the page, you were definitively wrong.
05:51:26 AM Feb 29th 2016
I feel like you're genuinely not even seeing the same page as everyone else.
02:33:48 PM Dec 5th 2015
I think it's absolutely disgusting that some people here would go nerd rage on Furrball because "Hur derp! Cats are evil and mice are good!" Are you serious? I love the poor kitten and I would die to protect him if he were real. Plus, what has the poor cat ever done to you? You're treating him as if he killed your entire family and sold your pets to a butcher shop.

I say pull this page and leave Furrball alone.
04:31:19 AM Dec 12th 2015
This YMMV page is here for a reason, as not everybody sees things about Tiny Toon Adventures in the same light. The only thing close to any actual hatred towards Furrball on this page is his Base Breaker status, and it's mainly because he's the show's second most popular character, just behind Fifi. Besides that, there are plenty of Non-Furrball-related topics on this page, such as video game-related topics, which are precisely the reason why this YMMV page was made. Also, you got in trouble for trying to pull this page by removing all of its content; not just the Furrball-related content, but the non-Furrball-related content as well. I wouldn't pull any YMMV pages, and neither should you.

Obviously, I object to this page ever getting pulled.
08:25:21 AM Dec 14th 2015
Just because you're a fanboy of a character doesn't mean nobody else is allowed to not like him.
07:02:18 AM Jan 1st 2016
I also wantes to point out that the people who wrongfully bash Furrball are Sweetie Bird, Elmyra, Plucky, Lil Sneezer, and Byron Basset fanboys who loved seeing Furrball getting tortured to no end. I still stand by pulling the page. Oh, and did I mention that Lil Sneezer is the one who killed Furrball?
02:01:56 PM Jan 2nd 2016
You being a fanboy of Furball is not reason to blank the page. The argument is utter nonsense.
01:12:05 PM Sep 6th 2015
edited by TokoWH
So... That Fifi comment.

Honestly, I saw no signs of Fifi being a base breaker in the fandom last time I checked, and considering the furry insult, I get the feeling that it's a case of "I hate this character, there for so does a vast majority of the fandom!" complaining that most people do on The Scrappy page. (Which is why it has it's own dedicated clean-up page)

I vote to pull.
04:38:59 PM Sep 6th 2015
I know I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but in my opinion, I think that Fifi La Fume is overrated. As a fan of TTA, I can honestly say that I watch the show for pretty much every other character besides Fifi, and those characters and the shorts featuring them have helped to make the show a high-quality successor to Looney Tunes. Maybe it's because Fifi hasn't had a lot of screentime compared to the rest of them, but I think that Fifi's personality isn't as developed as some of the other characters. On top of that, she's a skunk. Besides the fact that she's the Junior Counterpart of Pepé, who is a skunk himself, in real life, skunks are generally looked down upon by people. No one really wants to own a skunk, let alone get near one. However, none of that has stopped her from getting more fan art, fan fiction, and attention from fans in general than any other character on the show. So while I think the furry comments could be deleted because I know they sound like insults to the show's fanbase, I still think that Fifi's Base Breaker status should remain on the YMMV page because it is relevant to those who watch TTA for the other characters like I do.

If you're looking for more people besides me to help prove Fifi has a base breaker status, this forum should help. It may have been created a few years ago, but that definitely helps prove that even then Fifi had a base breaker status due to all the attention she received from the fanbase.

I vote for it to stay for now.
05:35:56 PM Sep 6th 2015
Okay... I can see what you mean now.

It can stay, but it really needs to be rewritten to be less complain-y, in addition to being moved to it's own trope bullet instead of replying to the current example. We have the Repair, Don't Respond page for a reason.
04:36:12 PM Aug 13th 2015
edited by FlyingDuckManGenesis
Maybe it's because I love Sega Genesis games and Buster's Hidden Treasure just so happens to be one of my many favorites for that system, but I definitely do not think it belongs under The Problem with Licensed Games territory, even if it is YMMV. If anything, it belongs under No Problem with Licensed Games territory. While I have decided not to edit or delete that section until further notice, Here are some reasons why I think that:

1. Hidden Treasure has its flaws, but it's still playable and enjoyable.

I will admit that no Tiny Toon Adventures game is perfect, not even Buster Busts Loose for the SNES. While Hidden Treasure does have its flaws, including 20-letter-long passwords, jumping controls that may take some getting used to, and Sonic-like gameplay in Mario-like environments, it has its good points as well. Such good points include many different levels, a consistent storyline, unlimited continues, a password system that, while long, is still more functional than Busts Loose's (see the next reason for details), and many Continuity Nods throughout the game. These things and more make the game both playable and enjoyable, as I have beaten the game many times with little to no trouble. I have plenty of other licensed games that fall under No Problem With Licensed Games territory that I have played many times before, and I still have yet to beat them, but that doesn't mean I think they're bad.

2. Every Tiny Toon Adventures game has its own flaws, even Buster Busts Loose.

As I mentioned before, no Tiny Toon Adventures game is perfect, and that includes Buster Busts Loose for the SNES. Some examples of Busts Loose's flaws include that the levels are too short and some can be beaten in several minutes, there are only six levels (not counting the five bonus levels), the storyline is inconsistent, some sections of the levels, and even an entire level are cut out of the Children mode, and the password system, while short, only works with the Children mode. I don't harshly judge Busts Loose based on its flaws by adding it to The Problem With Licensed Games article because I know a lot of people like that game, and like Hidden Treasure, I enjoy the game despite its flaws.

3. Like the rest of the Tiny Toon Adventures games, Hidden Treasure falls under Surprise Difficulty territory.

In the Surprise Difficulty article, I had formatted the section on Tiny Toon Adventures games to say that many of them avert The Problem With Licensed Games territory despite their difficulties. Hidden Treasure is among them, as are games such as the 1991 NES Game, Trouble in Wackyland, and Montana's Movie Madness. In comparison with Hidden Treasure, I personally have never been able to beat the latter three without a Game Genie or cheat codes, but that doesn't mean I think they're bad games.

Here's my two cents on the matter. Opinions on this subject are welcome
05:37:12 PM Aug 13th 2015
edited by TokoWH
I was debating removing the example myself. The game isn't exceptional, but not terrible from what I've played. It's So Okay, It's Average really. The only thing I would really criticize it on is it's final level and the goddamned escape sequence from Elmyra. Plus, with how the editor went out of his way to randomly take a pot shot at Sonic the Hedgehog after his original edit makes me think it's mostly Sonic's Hate Dumb slipping into the trope pages again.

I don't care if you hate something. TV Tropes is just certainly not the place to vent about it. Seriously. We have rules against this. (-.-'')

The way I see it, it only qualifies if a vast portion of people hold the same claim. I haven't heard people complain about it before, and I don't particularly agree with some of the reasoning's presented, so I vote it be pulled.
05:53:49 PM Aug 13th 2015
edited by FlyingDuckManGenesis
I would definitely agree to meeting in the middle and moving Buster's Hidden Treasure to So Okay, It's Average territory. I have also seen the history regarding Tiny Toon Adventures' YMMV page, and I definitely think it was unfair for the editor to harshly judge the two Sonic Adventure games based on their flaws by comparison.

One minor reason I forgot to mention; including Hidden Treasure in The Problem with Licensed Games article under a sentence that says otherwise is definitely contradictory.

In conclusion, I also vote for Hidden Treasure to be pulled from The Problem With Licensed Games. I only think it should be re-added if a lot of people share that same opinion, because as far as I know, a lot of people like Hidden Treasure, or at the very least, deem it So okay, its average.
06:51:54 AM Aug 14th 2015
Yeah, Hidden Treasure is actually pretty good. Definitely doesn't belong in The Problem with Licensed Games just because of a long password. The controls are on you; it's perfectly playable when you know how to jump correctly.
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