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12:45:19 PM Aug 5th 2016
I don't understand why there are none of the many less-flattering tropes used in this series on its main page, and why the few that are mentioned are relegated to YMMV.

For example, I don't think there's any question that Kvothe is a Mary Sue according to TV Tropes' own definition:

"The prototypical Mary Sue is an original female character in a fanfic who obviously serves as an idealized version of the author mainly for the purpose of Wish Fulfillment. She's exotically beautiful, often having an unusual hair or eye color, and has a similarly cool and exotic name. She's exceptionally talented in an implausibly wide variety of areas, and may possess skills that are rare or nonexistent in the canon setting. She also lacks any realistic, or at least story-relevant, character flaws either that or her "flaws" are obviously meant to be endearing.

She has an unusual and dramatic Back Story. The canon protagonists are all overwhelmed with admiration for her beauty, wit, courage and other virtues, and are quick to adopt her as one of their True Companions, even characters who are usually antisocial and untrusting; if any character doesn't love her, that character gets an extremely unsympathetic portrayal. She has some sort of especially close relationship to the author's favorite canon character their love interest, illegitimate child, never-before-mentioned sister, etc. Other than that, the canon characters are quickly reduced to awestruck cheerleaders, watching from the sidelines as Mary Sue outstrips them in their areas of expertise and solves problems that have stymied them for the entire series. (See Common Mary Sue Traits for more detail on any of these cliches.)

In other words, the term "Mary Sue" is generally slapped on a character who is important in the story, possesses unusual physical traits, and has an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature."

The character of Kvothe meets literally every single one of those criteria. Whether or not this was intentional on the part of the author as a "deconstruction" of the trope is debatable, but Kvothe's status as a Mary Sue is not.
10:25:54 PM Nov 5th 2016
Actually, Mary Sue is a YMMV trope so, when works had it, it had to go here.

However, entries of Mary Sue are no longer allowed even in YMMV pages (you can blame or thank the Star Wars fans for that) so, even in YMMV, it shouldn't be here.

That said, I ain't deleting it; Kvothe is such a blatant Gary Stu that I'd feel like lying to myself if I were to delete that. Someone else is, of course, free to do so.
05:16:24 PM Jan 23rd 2013
Just something you guys might want to try, it made my reread incredible. Whenever Denna is mentioned in the story, skip it entirely. Just convince yourself that Kvothe refuses to talk about her, the resulting mystery of her is *Soooooo* much better than the reality.
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