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02:28:44 PM Apr 8th 2015
edited by manhandled
a) why is Owen Shaw NOT a Complete Monster, considering what the character sheets say about him (I don't always have time for that thread)?

b) I would like to know more about how Shaw's magnificient bastardry is deconstructed...

EDIT: Disregard first two points, why is CIPHER not a Complete Monster already?

07:05:55 AM Oct 5th 2013
Removed Designated Hero example for half of it being a Zero-Context Example ("lots of them" isn't an example), and because Dom isn't an example. His flaws are called out and portrayed as being flaws, his virtues are heroic (loyalty to his family and friends to the point of putting his life on the line solely for their wellbeing for instance) and he's going up against some pretty evil people.

Plus there was no such example on the Designated Hero page so there's that too.
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