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01:00:22 PM Apr 15th 2018
Okay what’s the deal on Brad? Holly said last time she texted him on Thursday he wasn’t leaving so what’s the “confirmation” that he left?
09:58:42 PM Apr 15th 2018
I heard he was planning on leaving but was keeping his stuff on there nonetheless. Given how plausible that seems, I'm guessing he's still on.
05:55:16 AM Mar 28th 2018
We should really add something relating to the #changethechannel movement on twitter. A lot of fans are reacting to it- maybe an Internet Backdraft entry? I don't want to write it myself, I'm not sure I'd be able to avoid putting my own biases into it. But it's clear that this is a significant audience reaction and needs to be noted.
11:57:48 PM Mar 28th 2018
edited by DrPsyche
Seems it's already been put on. The entry isn't too drama-importy, thankfully.
04:57:05 AM Mar 29th 2018
Well, there was one, but it seems to have been deleted. I assumed that was for some reason.
02:11:24 AM Mar 30th 2018
On Internet Backdraft it reads

  • In March 2018, over a dozen current and former contributors created a massive Twitter thread detailing all the ways they’d been poorly treated by management, particularly Mike Michaud, but also Doug and Rob Walker. It’s a long read but goes over intimidation tactics, poor management, unsafe filming conditions, misused funds, unfair firings, and more.

08:29:19 AM Mar 30th 2018
Huh, that's odd- my page history showed it getting deleted, but not re-added.
09:06:43 PM Mar 30th 2018
Yeah, that's what I was originally going to comment on, but then I checked the page and saw that it there rather than the history. The history makes it seem it was added twice at different points and one was deleted.
09:17:17 PM Mar 30th 2018
Hopefully I can help clear up the confusion. The entry was initially placed under Broken Base, but I thought it was a better fit for Internet Backdraft, so I moved it there. I'm guessing whoever wrote it noticed that it had been removed from Broken Base and assumed that it had been deleted by a die-hard CA fan, so they had pasted it back where it was originally. The result was one entry showing up twice on the same page, so I had the entry under Broken Base deleted. Again.
11:45:51 AM Mar 31st 2018
Well, glad to see this isn't inviting an Edit War, at least.
11:16:03 PM Apr 1st 2018
Well, that answers that. Thanks man.
08:43:38 PM Apr 2nd 2018
Just putting in my two cents... the entries on this and related pages seem content to put the blame for most of the exploitation on Michaud. He's definitely the primary one, but the Doc and related statements have made it clear Doug and Rob Walker were more than complicit. They should not be inoculated from the controversy, no matter how popular Doug is on this website.
08:25:04 PM Apr 14th 2018
Doug is mentioned as incompetent rather that malicious and the problem was that he never confronted Mchaud, since Mchaud is the one that pays Doug and Rob or something of that end.

I seen people on Youtube that are saying Doug is the true devil behind the curtain while Mchaud is the fall guy but that's just their desilusionment clouding their judgement or just their hatred for the guy.
12:58:19 PM Apr 15th 2018
Yeah, even Allison (who has no reason to protect Doug) said on tumblr that Doug is only allowed to be involved when it’s convenient for Michaud. His (massive) problem is passiveness and complicitness.
01:13:58 PM Apr 15th 2018
the reason most of the exploitation is blamed on michaud is because most producers are blaming michaud. because he runs most of the company and makes the business decisions. doug can be blamed for complacency and creative decisions like anniversary movie fiascos, but the business stuff is mostly michaud. rob may share some more blame than just complacency since he's VP, though.
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