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06:13:49 PM Aug 15th 2016
  • Magnificent Bastard: Meta example, twice.
    • "Shake it Off" is a very bright pop song, with jazz influence, and even a brief rap section with some Totally Radical speech, causing haters to complain about her losing her roots and resorting to corporate pandering. That was exactly the point, to make a song that would annoy her haters and please her fans. The biggest joke? The entire song is a Take That! to her detractors. And it topped the charts!
    • "Blank Space" is a rather classy Take That! to the media's portrayal of Swift as a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend. The song is sung by the character the media makes her out to be, and the video is an over-the-top visual parody of these claims. She reclaimed her negative press, and in doing so, kicked herself out of the #1 spot on the charts!

So her feats of "magnificence" are...

1. She made a Love It or Hate It song.

2. She wrote a song as a Take That! to media portrayals of her.

3. She wrote two #1 singles.

I don't see how any of this makes her fit the trope.
06:17:30 AM Aug 16th 2016
That's just gibberish on top of being against the rules (we don't allow YMMV items on creators).
11:47:36 AM Jun 29th 2015
edited by Larkmarn
Sheezus Queen has now twice deleted the same Unfortunate Implications entries with no edit reason, despite having citations.

Restored them. I did, however, pull the other Unfortunate Implications entries due to not having citations.

EDIT: Readded one of them with an older link that I assume functions as a citation... however, due to cannot be arsed and Weblinks Are Not Examples I'm leaving it commented out.
06:12:00 PM Dec 4th 2013
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I have a slight objection to this entry:

"It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Before 2012, she was either thought of as "Meh", or absolutely adored by her fanbase. But in 2012, this all changed. Since then, she has been ripped apart by comedians and celebrities, including Tina Fey."

While the entry itself is pretty much true, I don't think it fits under It's Popular, Now It Sucks, since Taylor Swift was popular long before 2012.
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