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08:19:44 PM Nov 22nd 2011
I know it's YMMV, but this seems slightly questionable:

  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: Part of the issue on whether Gothel is really all that bad or not. After all, how many peasants had died between Gothel's finding the flower and the royal guards digging it up? If she's not obligated to use or give the flower to any given sick or injured person (although one could argue that this is still pretty selfish of her), why is she selfish for not giving the flower to the Queen?

Regardless of what you think of Gothel or her motives, it seems pretty clear (to me, at least) that we're supposed to think of Gothel as selfish in general, not just because she deprived the Queen; the opening narration even notes that she "hoarded the flower instead of sharing its gifts", which would seem to imply that we're supposed to think of it as bad that she doesn't share it around in general, not just because of the Queen. In any case, the Queen's hardly a protagonist, and we're clearly supposed to think of Gothel as bad beyond her actions to just her.

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