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08:08:51 PM Aug 17th 2017
edited by PenBFDI
Does anyone else feel like Mahiru (and maybe Akane) should be under Base-Breaking Character instead of Scrappy? They definitely have detractors, but they also have a fair amount of fans.... at least as many as Kazuichi.
01:26:04 AM Apr 13th 2014
I have a problem with the Never Live it Down. Basically, the problem is that the official material, voice actor and creator have said that Komaeda is more than just obsessed with hope and is constantly pointed out how much of an honest person he is.

The problem is that not once does any material deny that Komaeda has feelings for Hinata. in fact its confirmed. I was hoping the person would reword the statement because it makes it seem like his love for Hinata along with his obsession with hope is the only part of his character and is denied in canon when one is canon.
12:35:14 PM Apr 12th 2014
"Hate Dumb: After Project Zetsubou announced that they were cancelling their translation once the official localization was announced, some people started whining that they couldn't pirate the game anymore and had to legally buy the game."

Technically, that's not entirely Hate Dumb. There are some people who can't afford buying a Vita, so some of those complains actually make sense.
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