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09:27:18 PM Oct 3rd 2015
edited by Codex
How is Connie worrying about her optametrist finding out about her healed eyesight narm? That's a completely valid concern.
10:02:37 PM Sep 27th 2015
There is no confirmation Peridot actually started or participated in the Cluster experiments on the on-set, much less knew a lot about the Gem Wars on Earth, given her confusion a la "the Crystal Gems?" during her introduction to them. Isn't it jumping the gun to say that she should be considered morally responsible for them? It always struck me more that she was just checking up on the experiments but otherwise had no more direct involvement, and so I feel like she shouldn't really be held accountable, and these can be edited out.
04:16:44 PM Oct 1st 2015
The most recent episode, When it Rains, confirms that Peridot was NOT present for the creation of the forced fusion experiments. I would, however, like to hear a counterargument before deciding whether or not to edit the page.
06:19:15 PM Oct 1st 2015
I was actually just about to remove that entry. "Catch and Release" and "When It Rains" make it clear that she had no part in the experiments and wasn't actually trying to reactivate Kindergarten. Given the nature of this particular trope I think it makes more sense to remove it, even if it is YMMV and that was the fanbase's initial reaction. The whole point of a Moral Event Horizon is that you can't return from it.
06:30:13 PM Oct 1st 2015
I edited the entry and a few similar ones.
08:20:11 PM Jun 15th 2015
This is just a trivia thing but it's not really that surprising that Nicki Minaj can act considering she went to school for drama...
07:16:33 PM Jul 13th 2015
Meh, I didn't think she was that great.
02:35:41 AM Mar 13th 2015
One of the storyboarders confirmed that Ruby/Sapphire was supposed to be romantic. Is their subtext still allowed to be under Les Yay?
01:26:05 AM Mar 5th 2015

This reads more like complaining about the actual episode than mentioning the subplot as the idea that went to waste, which is not what the They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot trope is about. (It even says "Note that this does not include those plots/ideas you dislike in an otherwise well-written story/well-made game/etc.") The fact that this is not the first or last time that the Gems have had an offscreen mission also raises suspicion that it's only going off of their mission and using that as means of getting the episode to fit the trope in the first place. Why exactly is that one instance listed on here and not, say, the Gems fighting a living island in "Cat Fingers?" If it's because Cat Fingers wasn't a "Wangst-filled teenage romance plot," then that kind of is complaining about the given plot while using something occasionally mentioned as the "Perfectly Good Plot" to say that it was wasted.

I and another editor have removed this before for almost the same reason (with an additional one that focusing on the Gems without Steven in any way might be contrary to what the show is about, but this alone is not grounds against the bullet point) but it was added back as it's fan consensus that they wanted the episode to be more about the Gem's underwater mission. Even if the majority of fans did not like the episode (unpopular episodes are not a trope as far as I know, the closest being Wall Banger or Dethroning Moment of Suck but neither of them are for YMMV pages), that's still not a reason to misuse They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot to list it. Again, the trope is about a good storyline idea that either never went anywhere or was executed poorly, not when one storyline is completely sidelined over another that people don't like as much. It's kind of like (though this is admitedly an exaggeration, it's the closest fit I can think of) going to the YMMV page for Super Smash Bros., making an entry under They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character for Geno/Waluigi/Ridley/etc, and saying that instead of them, there's Dark Pit/Diddy Kong/whatever hated character of note. It's probably a common fan opinion that pops up (a lot of people do want Ridley at least and Dark Pit and Diddy are Scrappies at least in the west), and under the list for subjective fan opinions, but it's not a real Waste since TWAPGC is about a character's spotlight or story role being executed poorly and not a less-liked alternative being in their place.

To summarize, this seems to be misuse, or at least more complain-ish than necessary. Is it?
03:09:41 PM Nov 16th 2014
edited by
  • Alexandrite, big time. Some fans kept on complaining on how her design was lazy and her color scheme was odd, even though actual alexandrite is a pink gemstone with shades of green. This, coupled with a disagreeing statement made by Pearl, garnered a lot of criticism. Said criticism itself is fairly divisive in whether or it was justifiably pointing out contradictions between episodes or downright harassment towards a particular writer (who ended up deleting his Tumblr account) over a fairly minor detail.

I think that everything in bold is not really necessary. Base Breaker is all about a controversial element within the show, not the controversy over how the fans discuss said element with the writer over Tumblr.

07:17:38 PM Jul 13th 2015
I agree. Everything that is bolded there isn't really needed.
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