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03:19:46 AM Dec 28th 2013
The first and third sound like complaining and second and third sound like responding instead of repairing.

  • In "Who Watches the Watchers", Picard has an anti-religious rant that seems to not-so-lightly imply that, on Earth, every bad thing ever was because people believed in God/religion. Gene Roddenberry himself was a proudly proclaimed Athiest and this episode may be the biggest example of Writer on Board in Star Trek.
    • Also it oddly implies that religion need to codify it's beliefs to enable justice, as if religious codes against bad behavior have stopped religious terrorists, crusaders, etc, throughout history.
    • As many have noted, this is a tad hypocritical, when one considers that the Federation by Picard's time tend to dogmatically follow the Prime Directive, often proclaiming that it is an invariable truth, always right and must never be questioned.
    • Right... except that Picard had broke the Prime Directive 9 times by season 4 and is constantly questioning the value and consequences of his interactions with other species... so, not really, no.

I fell that it if the information is viable that it should be rewrite, otherwise it should be forgotten.
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