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07:39:21 AM Jun 20th 2013
Strawman definitely does not have a point. The Klingon ambassador plays a recording of the event with Klingon text superimposing it... followed by Kirk narrating the Genesis project promo video, when from a couple of movies ago we know should be Carol Marcus. He then attempts to explain with apparent Insane Troll Logic how Kirk supposedly set up the entire Genesis project as a weapon. The whole thing is a Klingon propaganda exercise, and so is the video. They deliberately superimposed Kirk's footage over the Genesis video to support this claim.

Maybe this sounds like too much of a WMG...
02:10:23 PM Jun 20th 2013
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Hmmm, OK, maybe that isn't disproving this trope. It only has to do with the fact there was no real punishment for pretty serious crimes, not automatically negated by the fact they saved the Earth. However, the Klingons were wanting them to answer charges against the Klingon empire which were utterly baseless. The ambassador's objection was actually not that no punishment was being meted out (they hadn't even been in court yet, nor had they saved Earth) but that they were only charged with Starfleet regulations. Rather a difference.
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