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12:59:41 AM Aug 25th 2016
This entry needs to be discussed here rather than edit warred over:
05:35:54 AM Aug 25th 2016
The reason why I deleted this trope is that the show isn't really too dark or kid-unfriendly. Just typical '90s action show levels of darkness. Shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Exosquad, X-Men, Gargoyles, and more were much darker.
01:29:08 AM Aug 26th 2016
The show is dark enough to be recognizably mimetic in regards to this trope. It's reputation for unexpectedly dark themes is enough that even someone who has never seen the show can recognize the kid unfriendly undertones from description alone. Overall, your opinion simply does not align with the Majority on this. That is why this is a YMMV trope.
09:04:27 AM Aug 26th 2016
edited by WhatArtThee
Things that make it not dark:

- The dark themes are only implied, not really elaborated on, it never really goes in depth about roboticization, or Robotnik's takeover.

- Not too much dark/sad moments (Out of the 26 episodes, only 6 or 7 have dark moments)

- The heroes always win, with no big losses (And the two big losses, Ari's sacrifice and Uncle Chuck losing control, were reversed later on)

- The show never gets too violent, the characters are all upbeat

- No one dies, except for a one-shot character, and even that is only implied

- Season 2 had frequent comedy

- Crap Past the Radar was rare, very few, if any adult moments

And my opinion does align with the majority, when I stated this on the Sonic forums, pretty much everyone agreed with me.

If you want a Sonic show that qualifies, watch Season 3 of Sonic X. Cosmo, one of the main characters, is battle-scarred over the loss of her family in a war, and has frequent traumatic flashbacks, almost loses her sight and hearing, is nearly murdered by Shadow, and Tails, her boyfriend, has to kill her in order to save the planet. Zelkova, one of the villains, drowns in lava ONSCREEN, (The original Japanese version implied he commited suicide!) Leon, another one of the good guys, is suffocated to death inside of a tree, Sonic nearly dies on SEVERAL occassions, and they come dangerously close to losing the war. That and a BUNCH of other stuff.

02:31:57 PM Aug 26th 2016
Implicated darkness is enough to qualify for the opinion based trope. If nothing was implied at all, only then would the entry be worth removing. Otherwise, you are just trying to enforce your opinion, which is not allowed.
07:33:14 AM Aug 29th 2016
I don't think implying themes is enough, it has to use them OUTRIGHT.
08:47:44 AM Aug 30th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
"Implied" darkness really isn't enough for this... if you have to do mental gymnastics to see the darkness, that's a problem. The opinion aspect of this isn't supposed to come from the opinion that the darkness is there, it's supposed to come from the opinion that the stuff actually in the work is not suitable to kids.

Not to mention... seriously, a kiss? I think you're selling kids short, here.
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