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10:32:43 AM Jul 3rd 2014
  • Unfortunate Implications: When news of the affair between Kristen Stewart and the film's director Rupert Sanders was first brought to light, throwing the film's bid at being a franchise into question, one of the first ideas to be put forth was to continue the series with Sanders but without Stewart as the lead character. Nothing like some double standards, eh Hollywood?
    • It's now likely that Stewart will be back but not Sanders.

This does't seem to belong here. It describes a RL event, completely outside the writers' control and the one to blame isn't really a person but societal double standards. Plus, the second asterisk is Natter.
08:14:09 AM Jul 13th 2012
edited by QueenofSwords
I have a quick question on the Moral Event Horizon entry on this page. I thought Ravenna had crossed the Moral Event Horizon long before, by taking over kingdoms and sucking the youth out of her subjects. I know it's YMMV by default now, but I just wanted to ask.
08:31:05 AM Jul 13th 2012
edited by LE0Night
Well, she does kinda spend the entire movie finding new and interesting ways of crossing said horizon but I'd say she crossed it first when she murders the king, no?
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